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Saturday 9th September 2017
Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre, Auckland, 8.30am–12.30pm

What is leadership?
What leadership does New Zealand need in a changing world?
What role might Rotary play?

Rotary New Zealand, together with Leadership New Zealand, invite Rotarians to attend the Future Leaders Forum - a unique opportunity for Rotarians to meet and interact with significant civil, commercial, community and Rotary leaders for an inspirational and informative forum.

You bet!

 Started by Rotary, Road Safety Education (or Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) is a education programme wide-spread in secondary schools throughout New Zealand and Australia.  The programme in many schools are sponsored by the local Rotary club, but not exclusively as many businesses also see the value in supporting the education of our youth so they are safe on the roads whether as passengers or drivers.
For more information, and maybe to even sponsor a school's participation, visit: http://www.rse.org.nz/
Rotary in our district is one of diversity, something that we are proud of.  In an evening of fellowship and dance, Papatoetoe Central Rotary recently raised about $15,000 for Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation (NZ surgeons volunteer to do heart surgery in Fiji), Ronald McDonald House and St John Ambulance. 
They did this by way of a successful dinner commemorating Girmit, an important day in the Fiji Indian calendar recognising the history of indentured Indians from 1879.
At the Rotary Convention in Atlanta we were advised that it would cost $1.2 billion to continue giving polio vaccines for the 3 years after the last case  -which is required to be able to declare Polio Eradicated.
At Convention is was announced that Rotary would contribute $50 million a year for 3 years. Then Bill Gates committed $300 million in matching Rotary. Canada pledged $100 million, Pakistan $70 million, then Country by Country additional pledges were made - to bring a total of $1.2 million - to see the end of Polio.
It was very impressive to have Rotary organise such a huge commitment from so many.
In what seems a testing time in global history, MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) once again welcomed vigorous debate focused on the most pressing issues of our day. Organised by Rotary Auckland East with Auckland Girls Gramar School, this event saw high school students sacrificing personal viewpoints and instead adopting those of their delegated country, with alliances comprised and looks exchanged in only minutes of an early start on Friday. Delegates represented their countries not only through speech but through costume; in a crowd of abundant colour, one could spot an Abba inspired Sweden, latex and all, and even a human size Kiwi amongst his Lord of the Rings companions.
While for most of us woodworking is a relaxing hobbie, in the Pacific it has a serious purpose in repairing homes, schools, community buildings and other structures.  However, little construction is possible without suitable tools for the job.   
Tools for Schools repurposes second-hand tools from NZ for use in secondary schools in Fiji so that students can acquire the necessary skills and experiences to construct cyclone proof buildings and maintain simple engines etc.  Naturally these skills will then stay with the students for life.  This is a joint project between Ellerslie Sunrise and Taveuni Island Rotary clubs and Mens Sheds.
This is a chance for anyone with tools they no longer use to donate them to a fantastic cause as a much more practical option compared to them continuing to gather dust or even get thrown out.  Keep reading … or call David Broadhead dbroadheadhe@xtra.co.nz or 021 324 762 for questions, queries or suggestions. 

“The message is simple:  show the world what your club is achieving, and how much fun you have … because then you won’t have to ask people to join your club – you’ll be asking them to form an orderly queue while they sign the membership form” – Andrew Best (Club & District Support RISPPO).

How true ... 
This booklet outlines a wide range of highly beneficial and hugely successful programmes Rotary runs for school students and young adults: click here
In 2017-2018 there are: Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment, Australia and New Zealand Student Exchange, Rotary Youth Driver Awareness, Rotary International Youth Exchange, Challenge Camp, Rotary National Science and Technology Forum, Rotary Eureka Science Competition, Model United National Assembly, Interact, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, ROTAPacific, Rotaract.
Note that the requirements for each are well defined, including who to approach - sometime it is the school and sometimes it is your local Rotary club.  There is a separate information booklet for Rotary clubs (requires login) - go to Documents.
Kate Kelly is our Ambassadorial Scholar in Oxford sponsored by Ellerslie Sunrise Rotary (Auckland) and hosted by Bicester Rotary (Oxford).  After a very active and highly interesting  term of academic, Rotary, sporting and extracurricular activity she will in her final term be conducting research into the genes involved in endometriosis working with world leaders in this area; this is a debilitating disease affecting 12% of women of reproductive age.  Exciting stuff so her full report for you to read:  click here

PAYAL Kumar was lost for words yesterday when she received her first wheelchair.

The Rotary Club of Labasa and the Wheelchairs Fiji Association presented her with the wheelchair after the 19-year old's plight was highlighted by this newspaper earlier this week.

She has suffered from juvenile rheumatoid since the age of five and she cannot walk. But she is now looking forward to going back to school. "I can't wait to go to school now as I have waited for this moment for a very long time," she said. Payal said her prayers had finally been answered.

Students from Rutherford College hosted a short ceremony to recognise National Road Safety Week earlier in May to celebrate the half a million young people across Australia and New Zealand who have gone onto our roads as safer young drivers and passengers after participating in the RYDA Programme.  The programme is supported by many Rotary clubs in District 9920 involving their local schools.  More clubs can become involved!  Contact John Overall.
Each year Rotary Club of Remuera brings together visually impaired youngsters (9-16 year olds) supported by the Blind Foundation with a group of senior student buddies from Diocesan, Kings and Dilworth Schools, for a mutually beneficial & stimulating weekend of outdoor activity.
A professionally developed, edgy and exciting publicity campaign started 1 May for three months that is designed to attract the interest of the public to inquire to clubs about Rotary involvement.  Now two weeks in it is attracting thousands of views and quite a few direct membership enquiries that have been sent to the most appropriate clubs.  Your club can participate very easily and if Facebook is not yet a strong pint for your club ... now is the time!  All is revealed at http://www.rotaryoceania.zone/Page/2017-facebook-publicity-campaign-for-all-clubs

Year/Class 5 Teacher is thanking Auckland Harbourside Rotary for the dictionaries distributed to his class students by Joyti and Sursen Singh on Wednesday 5th April 2017 and how it much it meant to them.  The students were gathered in the School Library. Ratu Sauvoli Memorial School is a public school in Nabudrau, Noco, Rewa, Fiji. With nine teachers and over 250 children attending from 13 local villages, the school is desperately in need of extra funding and supplies such as books, desks, and chairs etc.

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