The RYLA Alumni D9920 is a new initiative being steered by ex-Rylarians and here is how you can support them.  Read on for more about this new , exciting Alumni group.
It is well established that Rotary Youth Leadership Awards captivates 120 young people from across the North Island every year. However, few RYLArians join Rotary or remain engaged on the completion of RYLA.
The Alumni's aim is to harness the enthusiasm from our shared experience of RYLA and connect fellow RYLArians through bi-monthly meetings and social events; facilitate personal and career development, as well as networking events that include guest speakers and workshops; support a number of community projects; take ownership of a RYLA Alumni project and make objective and meaningful change in D9920.
We believe the Alumni will be a prime opportunity to maintain a connection with some young and potential new Rotarians and would love to see the district get behind us, including individual clubs.
The RYLA Alumni D9920 Launch was a great success and we've had positive feedback from past Rylarians on the initiative so far; looking forward to more. 
To keep the ball rolling we've lined up a fundraiser for August which will help kickstart the Alumni. We would like to extend the invitation to Rotarians and look forward to a great night of trivia and mingling.
If you know of any who have attended a RYLA and can still be considered a Young Professional, please let Kelly know and she will contact them with an offer to become involved: