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You only need to read the headlines to see the frightening effects Covid19 is having on Fiji at present! With new positive cases and the death toll rising rapidly they desperately need our help to support the already strained health and community resources.
Rotary Clubs of 9920, please help us to help our Pacific neighbours fight against Covid19.
We’re looking to provide further funding assistance to the Rotary Clubs of Fiji so they can continue their incredible work on the ground. The goal is to raise over $40,000 to assist with the initiatives the Fiji Rotary Clubs have in place - under the management of DGN Vineeta Nand and PDG Malini Raghwan.
How can you help? We’re asking clubs to provide urgent support by donating $1000 towards the “Fiji fight against Covid19” fund.
If this is something your club can do, please process via the following:
  1. Deposit payment:
Bank account: 06-0192-0905286-030 (please ensure people enter -030 in the suffix field and NOT 03)
Code/Type: club name (short name - ignore "rotary club of")
Reference: COVID19
 2. Send an email to operations-manager@rotaryoceania.zone noting the deposit made and date (for easy reconciliation).  
Thank you in advance to all of you for your support.
RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) is back!  This learning programme is designed to educate and enthuse any Rotarians and Rotaractors who would like to learn more about Rotary, develop an understanding of the leadership and other opportunities Rotary offers, and build connections with other Rotarians from across Auckland and north (Districts 9910 and 9920).
We have redeveloped the RLI programme to enable different styles of learning and reduce the face to face time commitment while still delivering informative and engaging interactive sessions. Whether you are new to Rotary or Rotaract, new to your current club role or just want to get up to date, there is something for you.  Go to HERE for more details.
To register please complete the Registration Form and send it to Ingrid Waugh at d9920rli@gmail.com   Or feel free to call Ingrid on 0274298507 if you would like to know more.
The situation in Fiji arising from the current Covid-19 restricts and Lockdowns is terrible with significant impacts on the poorer families throughout the Islands.  Throughout, Rotary Fiji has been organised and a significant contributor of assistance to these families.  The Rotary Club of Suva Peninsula Sunset reached out to Botany Down Rotary with a proposal for a joint project that this relatively new Rotary club accepted with enthusiasm with outstanding results that will make a real difference to Fijian families.
On 2 June Suva Rotaract kickstarted their ongoing COVID Lockdown project with all safety protocols considered to help families struggling to have even basic food and necessities available.  
Due to ongoing restrictions, helping the community has been quite a task with Rotaractors put their heads together and coordinated groceries to be delivered to families within the Waila Isolation Zone.
The response from the community has been enormous and illustrated by this c=Comment from their Facebook page: We are very very thankful for your support to the people of Waila housing nausori n giving them food rations which they have food on they table I'm very pleased with your help and support I'm so blessed with your help and everyone in this organization a big vinaka God bless everyone n thnx so much...
The noise was incredible.  Just so loud and so frightening. We were sheltering under a table wondering if the roof would come off … and it did.  “The kids were terrified.  We could only tell them to hold on to whatever they could”.
Tropical Cyclone Yasa in December 2020 was the most severe cyclone in the Pacific in decades devastating large parts of Fiji and was promptly followed the very next month by a second severe Cyclone Ana. Cyclone Yasa was particularly devastating to Fiji’s northern islands including Vanua Levu with wide-spread destruction of buildings and the crops on which so many livelihoods depended.
It was into this situation that the Rotary Club of Labasa mobilised, initially to support their own member families, but quickly into distributing Emergency Response Kits.  After the initial response, a visit to cyclone hit areas by Labasa Rotary members they realised that there was a need to provide people with roofs as soon as possible especially in cases where there were many family members and taking into consideration children and people with disabilities.
The ‘Gift a Roof’ project was born.
One of the beautification and coastal preservation projects of the Rotary Club of Pago Pago is to plant mangrove seedlings and clean up in the coastal area of Lions Park. The Lions Park and Pala Lagoon areas is a diverse ecosystem that provides a habitat and sanctuary for many marine wildlife especially turtles. It is also a family recreational and picnic area and enjoyed by the local community. Over a dozen Rotarians have joined in the planting of these mangrove areas and cleaning up the lagoon area on a monthly basis to ensure a healthy and thriving coastal environment.
Photos: Rotarians plant mangrove seedlings to aid in coastal preservation | Rotarian Leni helping with clean up | Numerous bags of trash are filled up from garbage collection and removed from site.!
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