October is Polio month with World Polio Day occurring on Sunday 24 October 2021.  This is an opportunity for all clubs to raise awareness and funds for the End Polio programme.
Districts 9920/9910 continue to collaborate to hold an event called Polio All Transit (PAT) on the Auckland Transport Network.  
This is based on the All Stations event held last year.  Ferries have been added to the transport options.
The concept is that a team (dressed in red End Polio apparel) will ride the Auckland Transport (AT) Train and Ferry Network and at each train station or ferry terminal visited there will be a local Rotary Club (also dressed in red End Polio apparel) who will symbolically hand over a cheque for the End Polio Campaign to the Polio Team riding the trains or ferries.  You may have a fake ‘big cheque’ to use for this occasion.
The photo opportunity will be actioned either at the station/platform/terminal but if there is not enough time, the club members will join the train to have the photo opportunity on board and ride for a couple of stations – then return via train or ferry to their base station.
AT have given permission for us to undertake this event and to collect donations from passengers traveling on the trains  and ferries and at the stations/terminals.
It is anticipated we will not only raise awareness of the End Polio Campaign but it is also an opportunity for local clubs to promote Rotary and invite interested people to join or engage with their club.
The project team will work with clubs on allocation of stations.  Some stations/terminals have been identified for more substantial information stands and require people throughout the event’s duration.
  It is strongly recommended that all riders wear a red polio shirt - these are available from a NZ supply and can be obtained by emailing for NZD22 plus Post and Postage.  Plenty of stock but demand is anticipated to be high so please get in early.
This event will happen on Friday 25 February 2022 (postponed from October 2021 as Even can only take place under Level 1)  and commence at approximately 8am until 6pm.   This is a brief overview of the event with more detail to come.
There will be a timetable of when the train or ferry with the Polio Riders will arrive at each club’s designated station/terminal. 
Rotarians will be able to join the Riders group by registering and this form is also attached.  Riders can ride free on the network as long as they are wearing a red End Polio Shirt.  
We suggest each Polio Rider arranges sponsorship from friends and families to raise money whilst they ride the trains at say $1 per station or $5 per ferry ride.
We would like to invite your club to participate in this event.  
If you are interested please complete the Club registration form. 
If you would like to be a Polio Rider please complete the Rider Registration form.  Both forms can be returned to by 30 September 2021
Additional details will be sent to all those participating.  All queries to Jennie Herring.
[These are the forms for 2020 so may yet be updated]
A huge Thank You to our sponsors for this year's event:

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Watch out for a sea of red at the Britomart Station on Friday, October 23rd. It is the second year in succession that Rotary in Auckland is organising a `Ride a train to enable others to walk’ event. 
Just when the world is fighting a deadly battle against Coronavirus, the Rotary initiative of eradicating wild poliovirus from Africa recently made international headlines.  
Immunizing more than 2.4 billion children in 122 countries since the last 30 years is an unimaginable feat, though sadly, the wild poliovirus still paralyses children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As long as polio exists anywhere, it remains a threat everywhere. 
It’s the reason why Rotary in New Zealand has been going hard, to wipe out the virus from the face of this earth. 

A sea of red is set to engulf Auckland commuters tomorrow (23 October 2020) as hundreds of campaigners take to trains and ferries in a campaign to raise awareness about ending polio.

Rotary Club volunteers will ride around Auckland public transport wearing red shirts from 8am to 6pm as part of the Polio All Transit campaign.   Article here: