"Darn it!  If I had known about that I would have really liked to have taken part!"  Well, there is a way.
Apart from the Rotary magazine and the District Newsletter, most communication from RI or the District comes to you via the club Board.  However, many Boards tend to heavily filter the information they pass onto members meaning a frequent refrain from individual Rotarians is “I did not see that and am sorry to have missed out”.
The Rotary Oceania (New Zealand and Pacific) and the District Facebook pages will carry posts of all the happenings that may be of interest to you (that they have been advised of). This will range from club project news (great for ideas), notices of upcoming club and Rotary events, to tips you can use in your club. It is simple to see these:
Simply go to that Facebook page and click the "like" button at the top. You will receive any Facebook updates from that page in your Facebook news feed where you can briefly scan what is of interest, or not.
Rotary New Zealand and Pacific is www.facebook.com/rotaryoceania
Rotary District 9920 is www.facebook.com/rotarydistrict9920
Other Rotary Districts all have Facebook pages
If you do not have a Facebook page you can still see these pages, just go to these web addresses weekly and have a browse (ignore the requests to login).
Please note that clubs can send Colin cs.bg.robinson@xtra.co.nz notices , stories and other interesting items for use on the Rotary Oceania and also for District 9920 material, the District 9920 website and Facebook page.  What you send WILL be used.
If you a club that would like some help using Facebook just give Colin a call on +64 21 652 801