The BYO (bring your own) concept is hardly new.  How often do you go out for dinner and BYO!  It makes you feel as though you are investing even if in a small way into the meal and evening beyond simply being there. 
But here we are talking something considerably more rewarding.  Projects!  Bring Your Own Project (BYOP).
How often have we seen a need or opportunity in our community and said, “I wish someone would do something about that”.  Now that you are a Rotarian you can say “I will do something about that”. 
Take the idea to your club, to your next committee meeting and place it on the table for consideration.  Never assume your club is too busy or worry the idea won’t gain support, because in most clubs there is a real shortage of ideas for projects and even if things seem busy at present, now is precisely the time to start planning the projects of the future. The idea may be a completely new project, a significant addition to an existing project that will help rejuvenate it or a project that leverages off an existing project by extending the benefits gained in some way.
Much of Rotary’s focus is rightly on engagement and retention.  But what about attracting new members?  All benefit from members proposing new projects for the club and helping to drive this forward.  Why? 
For new members as it gives them immediate ownership of something important, something that engages them from Day One. Some clubs do ask new members for project ideas although they need to be serious about the offer with structure, process and some initial resource available to capture the idea and enthusiasm even if implementation is not immediate but is “next off the rank” rather than lip-service to the concept.
For existing members, something new is invigorating, adds an excitement and renewed sense of purpose and this is especially true of those members who may have let their engagement lag.
So, encourage members to bring their ideas to the table and then back them in making these happen if possible.  They will become long-serving members of your club and your club and the community will be all the better for it