Posted by Geoffrey Amos
Early September we completed the 9th new teachers house since we started building mid 2016 after TC WINSTON in February and materials arrived. We build two types, a 4 bedroom for 4 single teachers and a 2 bedroom for married couples with children.

We have refined the design and the way to build. All the framing is cut, ass emblem,pre nailed off sight and then transported by truck to the school building sight where the concrete pad is ready, the hole for the Septic tank dug, the plywood for walls and ceilings pre under coated. All exterior walling is screwed to the frame , not nailed, the perlins and roofing iron all screwed. Trusses  and porch ceiling all bolted.
We follow Stuart Thompson's (RC PAKURANGA) book on Buiding for Cyclones.
The floors and bathroom, toilet all tiled, kitchen includes a stainless steel bench a tiled work surface. A wash tub is at the rear porch. To be as economic as possible each house is the same colours, same tiles, same fittings, nothing wasted, what left over from one is used on the next. The photo included is my team who were ably assisted by a team of 5 lead by Ainie Kwok from RC ST JOHNS.