Friday 7 August saw people streaming into the Glen Taylor School Hall full of anticipation for an entertaining evening, a time to relax and escape the worries of these times.  And they did.  It was a Full House with every seat taken by Rotarians and Rotaractors, their partners, friends and family. The team from St Johns Rotary had totally succeeded in their dual objectives to put on an evening that would be entertaining and to enable people to support the club's projects in the community, especially those supporting youth, as in addition to the modest ticket price there were raffles, silent auctions and other ways to contribute.
The St Johns Rotary organising team worked hard to sell all the tables possible, and they achieved this.  They deserve a huge thanks for their achievement as do all those who supported either through their participation or as donors of prizes, silent auction items and more.  It was fantastic to see the cameraderie evident from other Rotary clubs with teams from Remuera and Ellerslie Rotary among others plus a sizable Auckland Rotaract contingent - clubs (Rotarians) mixing and getting to enjoy each other's company is so much the essence of Rotary.  More of this is needed especially in these times.
The current times did have an impact from usual.  Sponsors were harder to find although the ever supportive club sponsor, Stonefields New World, was as generous as ever.  Silent auctions were snapped up and possibly more appropriate that ever with donations by Rotarians and supporters of use of holiday homes in stunning locations, a fishing trip oput into the wide expanse of the Hauraki Gulf, a stunning art work by family member of a Rotarian, plus assorted dinners out at local restaurants.  The successful bidders will be anticipating their "at home in New Zealand" breaks with family/friends and supporting local economies.
There were six quiz rounds ranging from Kiwana, sports, world affairs plus one related to Covid-19 and one about 'the Don' and the teams with "The Chase"-type experts did well.  But all had a great time.  There was a cash bar, but this year no drinks were served by the glass ... full bottles only.  The nibbles were sealed packets rather than platters and the pizzas, were as usual ... plentiful.
Well done St Johns Rotary.  The proceeds of the evening will be seen in the support this provides to the community in the months ahead.

As a reminder for all clubs planning events ... send your event informatiuon for inclusion onto the District 9920 Rotary website and social media  as every little bit of publicity contributes to SUCCESS!