Cyclone Gita is currently causing havoc in the Pacific and may indeed head down to New Zealand in the coming days. Rotary in New Zealand is in touch with Rotary in the Pacific:  at present in communication with Rotary Clubs in Samoa and Tonga. UPDATE: You can help - for more information go to
Rotary’s Emergency Response Kits have been pre-positioned in both  countries to enable immediate response.
Rotary works with Disaster Management Coordinators in effected countries to ensure that the response is well manged and the kits are distributed in a timely manner.
Rotary has direct contact with New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Disaster Relief Forum who provide at least twice daily situation reports.
As we prepare to replenish stock of Emergency Response Kits in 2018, we are most grateful for support for this vital Rotary Humanitarian Response spanning over four decades.
Click here for details for making a contribution.
Thanks in advance for your support.