While our immediate focus is people’s health and wellbeing, as Rotarians, we have a vested interest to ensure our clubs are able to also weather the storm and emerge intact. Here are some thoughts.
For most of us the shock of the last few weeks is starting to change into being the new norm.  The restrictions we face make it difficult to serve our community in the usual way although with a little creativity some clubs may find ways still to reach out to those in need.  In the meantime, it is vital that clubs look after their own members by staying in touch and keeping their enthusiasm for Rotary involvement intact using communications channels that support them such as club Bulletins, Facebook and on-line meetings (Zoom etc).
The current restrictions will be temporary and as these ease, it will again be possible to resume service to our community.  To do this we need to pay attention now to maintaining the community’s confidence and trust in us during this period and to planning meaningful, appropriate service projects for a community where some segments will have been battered more than most by the experience we are all going through.
Rotary clubs mustn’t be afraid to continue to promote themselves to their community and especially those with whom the already have an association either directly or through Rotary media such as Facebook as most effective. This contact needs to be appropriate and responsible and in the here and now of the current restrictions may be as simple as reiterating that you value the relationship with them and if appropriate providing an update of any ongoing project commitments while informing them of your current circumstance (suspended, not ‘closed’)and reassuring them that as soon as you are able you will be in contact to discuss further engagement with them.  Letting them know that you are quite willing to discuss and plan the future would show your willingness to continue engagement.
There is a future where Rotary clubs can restart their service activities and it is in reality not that far way, so you need to position your club for when we bounce back. Working with the current club project teams review the projects you had in progress or in the pipeline as to how they might need to be adapted to the changes we are experiencing and changes in behaviour by those involved whether club members, project supporters/sponsors and beneficiaries.  With those same thoughts in mind it is also the time to get creative and brainstorm the ideas for projects that materially help those in need now, immediately after the restrictions are lifted and longer term.  Keep in mind that the future of restrictions is somewhat uncertain in that when they are lifted, they may be reinstated at some stage so are there people who you would want to help quickly in case that happened? 
In doing so keep in mind the readily available resources you can tap into such as learning resources to help members taking on new roles, Assistant Governor and District Committees for access to knowledge and resource such as District Designated Funds and much more.
As we are getting nearer to a change of Rotary year and probably some changes in leadership of projects, make sure you include those to whom the baton of leadership will be passed to on 1 July.
Let’s get on with it.  Those clubs with the foresight to plan ahead will reap huge rewards.

Please share you project ideas, dreams and plan with others by emailing colin_robinson@rotaryoceania.zone ... if everyone does this we all can benefit by picking up ideas we can use.  Rarely if ever will an idea you develop be in anyway affected by another club picking it up and also using so don't be hesitant - we are all in this together.