As with all Rotary projects considerable thought and care is given to all aspects of these projects including sustainability, down-stream effects and possible unintended consequences so these can be properly managed.
Emergency Response Kits are first on-scene to alleviate some very real problems faced by families in the Pacific in time of disaster.
In providing a solution on one hand, the last thing that is wanted from these ERKs is a contribution to another problem. 
Recently 750 ERKs were assembled by 22 clubs over the course of a few weeks to top-up supplies in readiness for the next Pacific disaster. Volunteer hours were 1,440 by 426 volunteers!
This entailed some 74,250 individual items to go into these kits and each one of these came in a packaging of some form.  By removing these all from their packaging before inclusion in the kits, this packaging can be appropriately disposed of in Auckland with none ending up as environmental waste in the Pacific when the ERKs are used and unpacked in time of disaster.
Of the ERK’s packed, 150 will be prepositioned in Samoa and 600 held in Auckland available for immediate distribution to future disaster zones in the Pacific.  A supply of ERK’s is already prepositioned in Fiji.  Thanks to the network of Rotary clubs and the dedication of their members, ERKs are usually the first-on-scene aid to reach Pacific families in time of disaster and the distribution is carefully managed according to actual need.
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