Hi Everyone,

Would you like to see “fame” come to one of your photos? Well, there are high quality video(s) made about Rotary in NZ and the Pacific Islands to be produced to go onto our Oceania website, Facebook, YouTube Channel and possibly a TV channel.

So, what is wanted is good quality (hi-res) photos about Rotary projects that you think are interesting. These can be environmental, health related, mentoring and youth associated photos.  For example, science and technology, RYE, RYLA, walkways, planting, ROMAC, etcetera, to build up an extensive picture of the many faces of Rotary.

Submit your photos for consideration to Liz Courtney, lizcourtney.lc@gmail.com (with a copy to cs.bg.robinson@xtra.co.nz) together with a short explanation no later than Friday, 19 June 2020.