The situation in Fiji arising from the current Covid-19 restricts and Lockdowns is terrible with significant impacts on the poorer families throughout the Islands.  Throughout, Rotary Fiji has been organised and a significant contributor of assistance to these families.  The Rotary Club of Suva Peninsula Sunset reached out to Botany Down Rotary with a proposal for a joint project that this relatively new Rotary club accepted with enthusiasm with outstanding results that will make a real difference to Fijian families.
Suva Peninsula Sunset Rotary commented that the situation on the ground arises from the fact that 90% of the employment is on Hold and of these employees 30 to 35% have completely lost their jobs especially in tourism or tourism related industry.  For these people, at best the Fiji Government is giving F$50 per fortnight to those who does have jobs and for those who are in lockdown or are requested to stay home due to non- mount that is less that is needed for an individual family to survive on..!
The club’s Community Services Director is receiving a steady daily flow of calls from needy families ask for some kind of assistance, but the club is hampered by a lack of available funds to assist them although some Rotarians are personally helping families as they are able. A few other NGO'S in Fiji are distributing Food Groceries for the needy families but are not enough.
Suva Peninsula Sunset Rotary has done what it can but to make a real difference needs to be able to supply families for food and / or Baby/hygiene parcels at a value of F$50 per family although it is expected all food parcels need some baby essentials, little kids’ essentials and sanitary Pads.  If they had access to a budget of F$5,000 that equates to 100 families and F$10,000 would provide relief to 200 or more families.
In stepped Botany Downs Rotary who organised a special fundraising dinner help on Thursday 10 June 2021 at Indian Accent in Botany.  This was a three-course dinner with entertainment so a very worthwhile event in its own right, especially with the camaraderie that comes with Rotarians and supporters gathered for a common cause.  Publicity for the event came from word-of-mouth, use of personal WhatsApp contacts, Facebook, Rotary media and more.The ticket price covered the meal and entertainment, so the funds were raised from the generosity of those attending aided by opportunities such as raffles, and the amazing outcome was NZ$10,000 from 100 diners and some community donations!  These funds are going to go a long way to helping Fijian families in dire need.
Well done Botany Downs Rotary