Exciting news. 
Adopting an initiative that has proven highly  successful in other New Zealand-based districts the following is an new opportunity for clubs in growing their member base so that we can all do more in our communities.
As Rotarians wanting our clubs to succeed and grow, we are all well aware that membership is one of the most pressing issues our Rotary District has.  A number of actions have been taken to address this, including National and District Membership seminars, training, and targeted conversations with clubs.
The leadership team of our District has agreed to trial a new avenue to help you attract and retain members - financial incentives.  This approach has been used with considerable success in other New Zealand districts.  We will be trialling it for one year, and if it is successful it is expected it will be continued.  The money to fund these incentives will come from District 9920 reserves.  The effective date will be
1 July 2018.
The approach:
  • For existing clubs - to support and encourage attraction and engagement of new members – for every club with a net gain of 4 new members at 1 July  2018, a grant of $2500.  This money can be used as  seed capital to go towards a fresh community project chosen by the new members and/or used to assist the club with engagement and retention of the new members.  The award of the grant will be made early in the next Rotary year, based on membership numbers at 1 July 2018 compared with the membership numbers as at 1 July 2017.    These RI Official membership numbers are published mid August.
  • For brand new clubs - to support them in establishing projects that will engage their members – a grant of $4000 to be used to get a significant project started.  The new club will receive the grant when chartered.
For further information please contact 9920 District Membership Chair PDG Jennie Herring
Supported by the 9920 District Governor Train:  DG Malini Raghwan, DGE Ingrid Waugh, DGN Gary Langford.