Rotary clubs and their members are deservedly proud of the projects they held during a Rotary year that have achieved so much.  The stories of these individual projects describe the depth of activity and the benefits achieved but there is interest in the full picture to show the scale of all these individual projects together. Often, these are expressed as funds distributed.  Other measures are volunteer hours and Donations in Kind and outcomes.  How is your club showing the community, and members, what was achieved?  Pictorially such as here?  In the club bulletin and as advertisments in the local community newspaper?  Telling this particular story acknowledges the contributions of members, sponsors and supporters and builds the club social creds that will in turn bring in additional support. The excellent example below is from Papakura Rotary.
Here is another example of a newspaper advert - not a NZ example but Rotary is global in how we think and approach our communities.  Some think an advertisment is too much of a cost but is it really?  Take the above example where $142,469 is raised and while we want as much as possible to go to the causes, some provision for publicity whether through banners or adverts is an investment is making even greater benefits flowing to the needy.
In addition to looking at what has been achieved it is a good tactic to publicise what is planned (not the wish-list though) along with an invitation for people to join in.  Specifics are far more powerful an  attractant than a generalisation that we "do good".
The above story illustrates a very powerful publicity opportunity that too few clubs do, let alone do well.  Give it a go ... most clubs are holding AGMs in the November-December period and these include information needed  to implement this idea.