Last weekend another tremendously successful South Pacific Presidents Elect Training Seminar for all club presidents-elect from throughout New Zealand and the Pacific was held.  Rotary is constantly improving in an ever-changing world, so this weekend helped these incoming club leaders understand their role and what it takes to be an outstanding president, but also what is needed to make their clubs vibrant.
For District 9920, the weekend started with DGE Craig Horrocks holding a day of discussion-based learning, ably facilitated by the AGs, around the topic of what is a Vibrant Club; how can clubs look at themselves and improve to better meet the needs of current members and be an attractive service option for potential new members while also serving the ever-changing needs to the community.  It became clear that some careful thought is needed by some clubs and the presidents-elect are in the position of being able to start the conversation with their clubs.
On the Saturday and Sunday, there was a mix of plenary sessions with inspirational speakers followed by workshops.  As is usual on such weekends, some of the best value for presidents-elect are the interactions between them and other attendees.  The exchange of ideas and the contacts made that can be drawn on at a later date are immensely useful.  Left, DGE Craig is paying close attention to the publicity communication technique suggestions from table discussions.
Learning in Rotary is a never ending opportunity, whether it is to learn new skills, develop connections, understand resources to tap into, learn new opportunities in Rotary or, quite often, be reminded and updated about the aspects of Rotary you are familiar with, but have not quite got around to putting into practice.
The next development imperative for club leaders, whether club officers/directors, committee chairs and members, project leaders or any interested Rotarians is District Assembly on Sunday 3 May in Auckland.  Details will soon be coming to clubs throughout Auckland, and it is the club that pays for attendees.
In the interim, open to all Rotarians and Rotaractors is RLI - the Rotarian learning and development forum - on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April in Auckland.  Details for this fun day at