Together we can change lives
Despite the challenges we face, there is still much to celebrate.  Please find herewith how much Interplast achieved in the past year – so much of it made possible with your support, interest, and ongoing advocacy for our work. 
Through the generosity of supporters across Australia and New Zealand, during the past 12 months Interplast was able to: 
  • Provide virtual consultations and surgical services to 75 individuals who would otherwise not be able to access life-changing care  
  • Deliver hand therapy products and specialist cleft feeding bottles to children and adults in countries from Bhutan in Asia to Fiji in the Pacific  
  • Support over 300 clinicians to learn more about burns care and prevention  
  • Deliver exceptional clinical education to approximately 1,000 medical professionals via our 26 webinars, delivered to individuals in 35 countries across the globe  
  • Run regular group and individual mentoring sessions for surgeons, anaesthetists, and nurses in developing communities throughout the region 
    Support 10+ hospitals to implement improvement plans designed to enhance medical services offered to patients  
  • Undertake extensive research on the high rates of diabetic foot disease in Pacific Islands nations, together with a baseline research project examining the state of surgery in the region. 
As we celebrate our 39th year of providing life-changing care to those in need, we obviously reflect on what has changed, but also consider what has remained unchanged during that time.  Much has changed yet the one common element of Interplast, as strong today as it was on the day we formed, is the belief amongst our supporters that every girl and boy, woman and man should be able to access essential surgery when it is needed. 
We are thrilled that Interplast team are actively planning for the return of our dedicated surgical and medical volunteers to our partner countries where they will once again provide life-changing treatment to patients in need.  Our first international programs will be delivered ahead of the new calendar year.
The need to return is great – 5 billion people around the world don’t have access to safe affordable surgical and anaesthetic care when needed.  143 million additional surgical procedures are needed in low-to-middle income countries each year to save lives and prevent disability.  
The numbers are overwhelming but with your support we can make an enormous difference.  In fact, it just takes one person to have an active interest in our work to change lives.  I encourage you to be that person. 
P.S.  Have you gone behind the mask with Interplast?  Click here to learn more about the interview series that shines light on the dedicated volunteers and partners who make Interplast’s service possible across the Asia Pacific region.
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