Rotary Club of Labasa has assisted close to 100 houses with over 500 family members through its "Gift A Roof Project" initiative in Vanualevu and work continues to double this number. The urgent need to restore roofs was realized by the members upon visitation in after math of TC Yasa hence this project mainly focuses on the 4500 homes that had lost their roofs completely during TC Yasa.
The Labasa Rotary Club in collaboration with seed funding from the Rotary Club of Brisbane International reached out with roofing materials to the needy families who were severely affected in TC Yasa.
This initiative aims to restore peace and comfort to the victims of TC Yasa in North.
Rotary Club of Labasa has recently collaborated with Live and Learn Environmental Education shelter response team to provide another 42 families with roofing materials in Nasarwaqa & Lekutu, Bua.
Our Club aims to help at least 200 houses through "Gift a Roof " initiative to make into homes again. Rotary Club of Labasa appreciates your support and generous donation this moment and invites those who wish to help fund this good cause.