The Rotary E-Club 9920 Francophone continues to be extremely active on a global basis and as a participant within the Rotary Foundation Global Grant structure. 
Here Past President Dr. Jean-Louis Nguyen (on the right) attended the opening of a newly equipped laboratory for malarial research at the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) in Lisbon.  The Grant for the “Eradicate Malaria” project from The Rotary Foundation was for USD161,000 with the Host Club being the Rotary Club of Oeiras and the International Partner club being the Rotary E-Club 9920 Francophone.
The opening of the facility took place on 3 October 2017.  This equipment will allow the team led by Prof. Maria Mota to accelerate the development and use of new substances in the treatment of patients affected by a scourge that kills per year, over 400,000 people, 85 % of which are children less than 5 years old. 
The supplied facility will support the ability to attract and support national scientists, especially in an area, which after polio, is one of the greatest challenges of mankind
Prof. Maria Mota, director of IMM and responsible for the biology and physiology of malaria, commented that yet again Rotary has been involved in seeking solutions to the most pressing problems of society and also made reference to the Polio Eradication programme.