Auckland East Rotary Club has been organising bike rides (for both old fashioned and E-bikes) around New Zealand for the past 3 to 4 years.  It is part of a push to get more Rotarians out in the open, to enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of NZ cycle routes and participate in fellowship evenings.
Over the past few years, an enthusiastic team of laid-back cyclist have completed Round the Mountains in Queenstown, the length and breadth of the Hauraki Rail Trail, Napier Winery Trail, Napier to Clifton coastal cycle trail, Twin Coasts Cycle Trail and Alps to Ocean.
Some happy campers
The next bike ride was scheduled for 22 April to do the Twin Coast Trail up north.  Obviously this is not going to happen now until the restrictions are lifted.  When it does happen, it will be delightful if you have the inclination and would consider joining the group.  No pre-qualifications other than a taste for fine single malt.
If you wish to partake in future rides, for more information drop Sam Mukhtar an email at