The Interact club of Ormiston College has concluded another very active year with Operation Christmas Child Fund.  This is the ongoing collection of toys, books, stationery, etc during Term 3 to create shoe boxes for children around the world who are less fortunate to have a happy Christmas. 
The Interact club service group worked with Operation Christmas Child to provide emergency relief and to develop assistance to suffering people around the world.  It was decided to conduct a gift drive, collecting any donations from Ormiston Senior College students, packaging them in shoe boxes and putting them to better use.
This turned out to be extremely successful with the enthusiastic cooperation of the entire school resulting in the raising of $588 in funds for the project through a mufti day to purchase items for the gift boxes. Beyond the project itself, the service group had a lot of fun undergoing this living up to the Interact Motto “Serious Fun”.
The international group has focused on the refugee crisis, in compliance with the Mangere Refugee Centre.  The club members, as well as student leaders, visited the centre recently and received an amazing response.  The Interactors and student leaders created a mural for them; that welcomed them with warm hands.  This mural had the hand prints of Ormiston students as well as special messages within.