On Saturday 25th November, under the grand supervision of the ERK’s Production Manager Don Bendall from the Rotary Club of Auckland, 8 willing members of Ellerslie Sunrise packed Emergency Response Kit boxes into 2 containers at the old University Site in Glen Innes in 1.5 hours.  A total weight of 13,708 kilograms
Full of energy and enthusiasm the team of Ian, David, Grant, Ross, Chris, Roger, Don & Gabrielle worked together to fill the containers with no space left to spare!  Except for the small gap in Container #2 where we could have placed Jenners Freightways truck driver Kevin Bailey’s daughter into the tiny space and sent her away for a holiday to Fiji. 
All those present had given up their Saturday for a load of fun and good fellowship knowing that we would be “Making a Difference” to someone, somewhere in the Pacific at a time of (future) dire need.
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