Auckland East Rotary has answered the call by the Salvation Army for drivers to deliver food parcels to families facing serious difficulties putting food on their tables at this time of crisis.  Unfortunately, the need is rapidly growing right across Auckland and even though the club has had a good response from members and Friends of Auckland East Rotary more drivers are needed – if you can assist call for more information.
The club runs an available member ‘booking sheet’ and these members go to the Salvation Army Distribution Center to collect the parcels needing delivery at 1.15pm each day.  As the delivery addresses can be spread out, the driver needs to work out the most effective route.  Then they head off with their Salvation Army Essential Driver notice on their dashboard.
Parcels are left by the letter box with a photo taken to evidence delivery and the homeowner is phoned to say the delivery has been made and they should uplift promptly.  It takes a couple of hours to deliver the 7 to 8 parcels and at every stage of the process contact is contactless.
The drivers are pleased to get out of their 'isolation' and move about as a break in their routine but also  get great satisfaction they are able to do something to help those in need.  It has been a great way to not just involve members but also an opportunity for Friends of the club to be engaged as well.

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