The Rotary Club of Franklin have sponsored Patumahoe School - the third in District 9920 (fifth school in the country) to have a RotaKids club.  RotaKids is designed to engage children to come up with projects they want to facilitate that will can benefit individuals, their school and the local community.  In doing so it teaches them leadership skills, selflessness and gives them confidence as young people.  Patumahoe School picked 11 students they felt would do the programme justice. 
Graham and Kerry-Anne (Rotary club members) are mentoring the RotaKids and have been impressed with the progress so far “the kids have shown nothing but enthusiasm and commitment from day one and we are very encouraged by their attitude towards wanting to help others and make their school environment better for everyone.”
On Friday 28 June, the RotaKids club organized and held a mufti day to raise funds for the Blind Foundation – specifically the training of guide dogs.
To sponsor a dog requires an annual donation of $240 – just a fraction of the tens of thousands to breed and train a puppy to become a guide dog over 2 years of rigorous training before they are gifted to a blind or sight impaired person to help them live an independent life.  Soft toy guide dogs and balloons were donated by the Blind Foundation in support of the RotaKids fundraiser and a total of $326.80 was raised on the day.
The students arranged permission to have the mufti day, posted reminders in the school newsletter, took responsibility for collecting the donations and handing out stickers, decorated the school for the day, requested the pupils either dress up in red (the colour of the Blind Foundation) or as a dog and picked the best dressed finalists in anticipation of  the principal, Mr Tawhiti, who chose the winning two costumes and the runners up at school assembly later in the day.  Winners received goodies including a certificate presented by the members of RotaKids.
Two special guests attend the school assembly, Liz a dog carer for Blind Foundation and her dog Xena, a beautiful black lab used in the Blind Foundation breeding programme for her behaviour, temperament and great health.  The kids loved her and she had more than enough attention and cuddles!
Hannah the Community and Events Fundraiser from the Blind Foundation was very excited with the results of the mufti day “Amazing result!! Thank you so much to the RotaKids and to Patumahoe School!”  awarding Patumahoe School a certificate in appreciation of their achievement and a photo of Otis (this year’s pin up Pupstar) which will go on the RotaKids classroom window for all the school to enjoy. 
There a few more projects in the pipeline that the RotaKids group wish to complete before the end of the year so watch this space!
Become a guide dog sponsor for as little as $20 a month, get in touch on 0800 24 33 33 or to take part in “Bikkie Day” register at  
If you wish to find out more about the Rotary Club of Franklin we are always looking for more members to improve the community and support worthy individuals and groups.  Call Graham (027 536 4035) or Kerry-Anne (021 139 9162).