There are some events that are so great at bringing the community together. 
The Panmure Basin fun day was one such event.  Throughout the day there were wonderful performances, gourmet stalls, miniature trains ride, pony ride, games such as remote-controlled boats and recycled raft race.
Of these, the most popular part was the pirate treasure trail which was hosted by Rotary Club of Auckland South.
In keeping with the interactive approach for the day, there are total of 8 Pirate stations spaced around the Panmure Basin. “Come on me ‘hearties”
The members of Auckland South Rotary were responsible for serving as the Masters and presiding over the game that captured the imagination of so many.
Grandparents and parents played the pirate-themed game with the children and the laughter was contagious.
It was a day of brilliant sunshine day and quite hot which was great because it attracted families out to the event. This meant the Rotarians and helpers were constantly busy but it was very well worth it helping the children and their families through the challenges and seeing the joy on their faces at the successful completion of these … thanks enough!