Not just another pic of Smiling Rotarians _ GIVING to END POLIO and YOUR Foundation of choice

These Rotarians featured have much to smile about. Your District 'End Polio' coordinator PDG Ron Seeto was on hand with AG Gill Johnston, pictured here with President Tim Edney, to receive 2 cheques from the Rotary Club of Penrose at their breakfast meeting!

A cheque for Foundation Annual giving of $2,750.00 and a cheque for Polio giving of $2,500.00 which becomes $7,500.00 with the Gates Foundation 2:1 Polio contribution.

What’s more, Rotary Penrose has exceeded RI President Barry’s call for a Polio per club contribution $1,500.

President Tim observed that the funds were from individual member contributions.

Here’s hoping that this can be an example for other clubs and their members in our District to do the same – GIVE to END POLIO BEFORE 30 June!

PS As both my regular readers will know I don’t like photographs of people handing over cheques.  However, as I’ve often forgotten to recognise the huge work that Ron has been putting in for Polio Plus, this is an exception!