Helping to put an everlasting smile on a truly deserving young girl who lives with incredibly challenging circumstances was the achievement of the Fundraising Quiz Night for India-Rose Clay organised by Highbrook Rotary.
This was an amazing night held late May and painless way to raise money (well a bit painful as the questions were tough!)
A sold-out crowd attended the Quiz night to raise funds for India-Rose Clay.  India-Rose is a 5-year-old living with Pontine Brain Haemorrhage, Spastic Dystonic, Quadriplegia, and Epilepsy.  Her Wish is to play like a normal child.  PlayZone have been commissioned to design a specially modified “Play Castle” for her to enjoy while assisting with her growth and development.
This was held at The Brook Bar and Grill who provided great service, drinks and food and a fun quiz.  It was fantastic to have the angels from the Make a Wish team joining in as well as several other businesses and a strong turnout from Highbrook Rotary members, family and friends.  An impressive $1500 was raised, which along with our other money raised including through the selling of blankets, means the target of $4000 target for our Make a Wish Goal has been reached to grant the Wish for India Rose.
Our journey with India-Rose Clay’s Make-A-Wish began in March 2018 when we had the pleasure of Debbie Hoskins- Volunteer and Medical Outreach Manager from Make-A-Wish NZ come and talk to us at Highbrook Rotary.
On 31 May 2018, Highbrook Rotary donated the $4,000 to Make-A-Wish NZ for the building of the Play-Castle which is now well underway in construction.   This is going to provide India-Rose with endless hours in her dream play castle, which will positively help her in her everyday life and development medically, physically and mentally.
Debbie Hoskins and Tui Crowe - Wish Coordinator for Make-A-Wish NZ have been involved right from the beginning and these are their messages to you truly awesome people:
Debbie Hoskins:
“Back in March it was a huge honour for me to receive an invitation from your President Ravinder to come and talk about Make-A-Wish.  Little did I know at the time where this would lead to.  The genuine kindness and dedication shown by the members of The Rotary Club of Highbrook was incredibly touching.  A relatively small group of people who decided they wanted to make a difference in the life of one of our Wish children.  At Make-A-Wish we ourselves are also a small team with a big mission, so to have your financial support in granting little India-Rose's wish is something we cannot thank you enough for.  We consider it a privilege to grant the one true wish to a child with a medically life-threatening condition and I have to tell you that after presenting that morning to your Rotary Club I knew that you were like-minded people who also wanted to make a difference.
On behalf of myself and Make-A-Wish, our sincere thanks and we look forward to sharing you photos of a little girl with a big smile on her face.” 
Tui Crowe:
“It has been an absolute pleasure to discover the kindness in all of your hearts! India-Rose is a powerful young girl, and thanks to your dedication, she now has the opportunity to grow stronger, and taller than ever!
I have been humbled by the openness of Highbrook Rotary and genuine beauty that resides in all of you. To thank you from the bottom of my heart would not suffice. I wish you all the deepest love and wellness for the future. Thank you, for sharing the power of the wish with us and I look forward to joining all of you again in the future, for many more wonderful successes!!”