This September I encourage club presidents and district governors to vote YES to participating in the Zone 8 regionalisation pilot. Creating tomorrow | Rotary (

We need to use this opportunity to find ways to make it simpler and easier to be part of Rotary:

- Easier for clubs to ‘do’ Rotary – to connect, take action and deliver positive change
- Easier for members to take on leadership roles that actually can make a difference
- Easier to provide consistency and continuity in our strategy
- Easier to provide a united Rotary voice
- Easier for government and corporates to partner with us
- Enabling us to make decisions which genuinely suit the needs and lifestyles of people in our part of the world.

I am convinced we cannot ‘damage’ Rotary by participating in this pilot. There are enough guardrails and safety nets built into the initiative to ensure we can keep Rotary’s purpose and reputation safe.

As leaders of Rotary in our region, I know each of us wants Rotary to survive and thrive and be relevant for generations to come. Unchanged on our current trajectory, this will not occur.

I encourage all of us to take a deep breath, accept that uncertainty is uncomfortable, and give this a go ...

Extract from August 2022  Rotary Zone 8 Director's Report