Usually a thriving town dependent on tourism, Nadi has almost come to a standstill since Fiji closed its borders over a year ago. Some people have managed to adapt and find ways to replace some of their income however many are still struggling to get by and unemployment remains high. When Nadi entered a lockdown period on 19th April 2021 due to COVID restrictions, families already struggling were pushed to the brink of survival. The Rotary Club of Nadi has been receiving a steady flow of pleas for assistance from community members.
With some easing of some movement restrictions, the Rotary Club of Nadi was able to help several families with grocery ration packs supported through private sector donors such as Fiji Water Foundation and the support of RB Patel Supermarkets. Ensuring COVID-19 protocols are adhered to, the Rotary Club of Nadi and its members personally distributed packs to communities especially those in some remote locations. 
Among some of the recipients were; a single mother with multiple children and also caring for an elderly family member, a full-time university student who works to care and house his brother with an intellectual disability, a family living in rural Nadi with a newborn whose sole income earner had been without work for a year and a half, a family in a temporary shelter with a two-year-old and two-week-old baby and no income. 
President of the Rotary Club of Nadi, Mr. Babu Singh said it’s heartbreaking to see how desperate the situation is for these families; the recipients are so grateful they are sometimes overcome with emotion. We know there are so many more families in the same situation, and we hope to continue this support while our community is dedicated to winning the fight against COVID.’
As Nadi passed it seventh week of restrictions and ‘stay at home’ orders resulting in lost income, families are beginning to run out of cash and food. Apart from the request for food, the club is also receiving requests for baby supplies as families struggle to feed their families.
With Fiji taking a strong stance against COVID-19, the Rotary Club of Nadi want to support the directive to stay home and stay safe and at the same time respond to those in dire situations and food security.
For those willing to support families in Nadi, please contact the Club on +679 67 726 5023 or send an email to

About the Rotary Club of Nadi
The Rotary Club of Nadi celebrated their 52nd year this year and are experiencing a resurgence of activity with membership sitting at 21 Rotarians. Members are part of an organisation that provides service to others, promotes integrity, and advances world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional development and community leaders.