There has been quite a bit happening among clubs during the Level 4 period of the crisis that includes the following:
Pukekohe Rotary
Paul Brown and Louise de Fleming from Pukekohe Community Action are shown preparing food parcels provided with funds from The Rotary Club of Pukekohe Inc.  Paul is chairman and Louise is involved in the Seasons programme that helps families cope with terminal illnesses, suicides and other forms of grief.  The club received a call from Ross Bay the Bishop of Auckland congratulating us for the work being done for the Pukekohe community.
Apia Rotary:
Apia Rotary is a good example of a club continuing to be active in supporting their community and causes:

• Supported two of our local NGOs with donation of WST$2,500 to each; Goshen Trust (Mental Health Services organisation) with circa 11+ current patients, and Mapuifagalele Home for the Elderly with circa 40+ members
• Allocation of WST$5,000 to purchase supermarket shipping vouchers to support those families who reach out directly to us for assistance / impacted from lost jobs etc…
• Exploring the procurement and or manufacture of Masks locally – in progress
• They also reaching out to RNZWCS on how best to coordinate response to procure for example; PPE, Ventilators, masks, inhalers in the event of an outbreak.
• Donated NZD$500 to Rotary Fiji in support of fight against COVID-19 and the recent TC Harold devastation

The above are supported with local PR to show that Rotary continues to be active and support those in need at this time. In addition, Apia Rotary continue to plan projects so that these can proceed when restrictions are lifted.
Suva Rotaract:
Suva Rotaract wanted to acknowledge the risks that our doctors and nurses many others are taking during the Corona virus Pandemic. In a message to all the health care workers out there — doctors, nurses, technicians, medical staff, administrators, food service workers, pharmacists, security guards, our police force and other personnel who help deliver aid they said “our nation owes you our thanks and our lives.”

The club delivered two food care packages to Nadi Hospital medical staff and personnel. A little can go a long way! They hope their example will inspire others to contact them to grow the number of food care packages that can be supplied.  
Rarotonga Rotaract:
Rarotonga has been split up into ten districts called ‘Punas’ that are looked after by a group of people made up of volunteers and health workers which go around and check on the local people in that village especially the elderly to ensure they have their medication and they can distribute instead of people going up to the hospital...they also have set up free food for people to take for those that are struggling.

Rotary and Rotaract in Rarotonga are delivering pizzas to them for dinner as a way of thanking them for their service to the community. Their initiative is supported by The Islander Hotel & Hula Bar with a good deal on the pizzas.

Finding a way to recognise people who are volunteering in their community at this time is a project that is easy to organise.
Ellerslie Sunrise Rotary:
This club continues to look at ways to support their community including:
  • Donation of $1500 to Rotary NZ World Community Service to support the Pacific Islands following the destruction caused by Cyclone Harold and
  • $1500 to assist with restoring eyesight to those in need in Fiji.
  • Donation of $1500 to the Auckland City Mission to support them at this difficult and needy time.
  • Donation of $2000 to Guardian Angels because many of their families with dying children are suffering extreme hardship right now. Guardian Angels are providing regular grocery deliveries over the lock down period. .
  • Donation of $500 to Elimu a Charitable organisation in Canada, USA and Kenya who are supporting students in Nairobi by providing Kindles.
  • Planning to become involved with some aspect associated with a redevelopment of the Ellerslie Town Square.  
Papeete-Tahiti Rotary:
Papeete Rotary has had at least two major actions in the last two weeks to help their community in this difficult crisis:

• The creation of a health barrier and advice in front of the Paofai Clinic (pictured)
• Participation with the City of Papeete in the installation of 3 homes for homeless people (SDF).

Dr. Jl BOISSIN, director of the Paofai Clinic, Claude DRAGO and Jean Yves JESTIN, 3 dynamic Rotarians assisted by dedicated nurses have set up a safe patient care unit in front of the Paofai Clinic. This included the deployment of a van funded previously by Rotary and a Shelterbox tent.

In addition some members have been donating blood - some wearing homemade, Rotary logo'd masks.
Nukulaofa Rotary:
Following the devastation of Cyclone Harold the club distributed 148 prepositioned Emergency Response Kits to families in need. Sort at
Auckland East Rotary:
The club has rostered drivers to deliver food parcels for the Salvation Army.  See story at
Lautoka Rotary:
Ongoing project -
Manukau City Sunrise Rotary:
Supporting the families of their local school in need of food parcels using a District Grant. Story at
Highbrook Rotary:
Via Zoom the club decided to urgently help those in need. $5K on the way to Middlemore Foundation for food, nappy and sanitary packs for our South Auckland families. $2.5K for Women's Refuge New Zealand (South Auckland) $1.8K for 3 Rotary NZ Emergency Response Kits, $500 for RED (Rotarians Experiencing distress) and $500 for New Zealand Red Cross as we couldn’t help with the annual collection. Proud to be supporting our local community.
Most clubs are meeting on-line:
Clubs and District Committees (including RYE students) have had to meet on-line and most seem to be doing this OK.  Members, even the “technophobes” have quickly adopted regular attendance to these electronic meetings as a way of staying in touch and beating the isolation blues. Often clubs are reporting that these meetings are gaining more attendance that their normal meetings, but it has been acknowledged that the preference for the usual face-to-face meetings remains.  Full story at

And the rest:
Most clubs are looking after their members and quietly planning for the future with less restrictions. There are so many ways we can connect with others. Facetime, zoom, skype, Whatsapp... Take advantage of this era, and use all the technology to stay close to those who matter in your life!