The Rotary Club of Tawara have announced that their first major aid project, the Kiribati Sanitation Project, has been successful in its Rotary Global Grant (US$100,000+) with partnering clubs of Rotary Club of Richfield and the Rotary Club of Otahuhu.
Thanks to this project the following three Betio communities will be recipients of a high standard sanitation build, each comprising of 5 toilets and 2 shower facilities:
  • Ueen te Uri Community.
  • Ueen te Tangira Community.
  • Uaan Kunkun Community.
The success of this application is due to the joint efforts of a wide range of individuals and organisations whose commitment to combating open defecation by helping families in communities with a dignified solution. Over 110 households and over 500 individuals will directly benefit from this sanitation project to provide happier and healthier solutions for the people of the three communities.
Ruth Cross, President, Rotary Club of Tawara wishes to thank the following of whom without their support or contributions, this project would not be possible.
Brent Thorne -- Rotary Club Richfield
Jennie Herring - Rotary Club of Otahuhu
Ruth Cross - Rotary Club of Tarawa
Rotary District 9920 Auckland
Rotary District 5420 Utah
Rotary World Fund
We thank the following for vital endorsements and contributions to facilitate this opportunity and ensure important permits and permissions were obtained to progress the project:
Hon Minister Dr Tinte Itinteang
BTC Councillor Romano Reo
We thank Eritai Kateibwi from Temaeu Projects for the expedition of detailed planning and project requirements to fulfil the demands of the criteria. We also thank Aboro Henry from MHMS Health awareness division for developing a detailed WASH curriculum to train these communities in safe health and hygiene practices.
Saving the best for last, my utmost thanks to Jennie Herring who encouraged, mentored and supported me through the challenging grant writing and application process... it has been a very rewarding experience with huge learnings!
Kam rabwa ao tekeraoi

Source:  Rotary Club of Tawara Facebook page