Saturday 29th July was a beautiful calm sunny day in the middle of our winter when the Rotary Clubs of Ellerslie Sunrise supported by Highbrook and Auckland South Rotary clubs worked together to plant 1,100 trees for the environment.
Joint Environmental Project - Presidents: Daisy Ping Auckland South,

Ravinder Manilal Highbrook & Gabrielle Gimblett Ellerslie Sunrise                       

Daisy, Erica, Kitty & her mum,

Danny & Christine – Auckland South Rotary


             Sarah and Zac Wong from Highbrook Rotary Club


Kuljinder & Kulwinder Bath – Highbrook Rotary Club

Our Rotary International President Ian Risely has given us many tasks for “Making a Difference” during the 2017/18 year and one of them was to help improve the environment and plant a tree.
The Waiatarua Reserve Protection Society have an ongoing planting program to provide habitat and food for native birds and insects in Waiatarua Reserve and the Ellerslie Sunrise Rotary Club have been assisting for the last 4 years.  Funding this year for 300 plants was donated by Ellerslie Rotary Club & Highbrook Rotary Club.
Many hands they say make light work, and that was so true.  With the help from Auckland Council conservation helpers, Rotary members, Friends of the Protection Society and also neighbors from the surrounding area the job in hand was accomplished in an astonishing quick time.
Digging, planting and mulching then the tidy up was finished while the sun was still out.  Rotary jackets and signs where everywhere to make the public (and dogs) that use the reserve aware that Rotary was there doing good.
We all look forward to re visiting the area in a few months’ time to see the progress and growth of the plants.