With this month being Plastics-free July, our Science and Environment Director (Peter B) would like to bring this 3.5 minute video to our attention. It has been produced by the Royal Society of NZ and the Sustainable Business Network (Foodstuffs / New World Supermarkets are members) and can be viewed by clicking onto the following link: https://www.royalsociety.org.nz/major-issues-and-projects/plastics/video-turning-around-our-plastics-problem/  
The video highlights both the quantity of plastics that we use, but also their value to us: "Plastic isn't the problem. It's what we do with it. And that means the onus is on us to be far smarter in how we use this miracle material."  Globally, there is urgent need to minimise waste plastic getting into the environment. It fits well with this months worldwide Environmental focus to reduce/eliminate single-use plastics.