I don't know about you, but crisis or no crisis I am always keen to learn something new that will help me do the things I am involved in or want to do whether in my personal or business life or in Rotary.

The Rotary Learning Center has short courses (eg. 15 minutes +) that are very worth your time. There are a lot you can choose from across a wide range of topics and you do get recognised for your achievements.


Whether you are a curious Rotarian or wanting to use your spare time to prepare for an upcoming role in your club or District, this is an essential resource designed with you in mind. Go to https://learn.rotary.org (login required).

Illustrated here is the topic of Building Rotary's Public Image - a very important activity for your club at this particular point of time! For additional support resource on this topic look at https://www.rotaryoceania.zone/page/publicity-hub plus speak to your District Committee PI Chair and attending a RLI is also a sensible choice if you have not yet done that popular weekend course.


Each Saturday via the Rotary Oceania Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/rotaryoceania ) there will be a new suggestion for a cource from the Learning Center ... do give these a go!