SavuaSavu Rotary have a long-term safe water project for the villages throughout this Fijian Island.  As seen by the picture some determination is needed to deliver and install these!
In just over 7 weeks right at the end of 2017 they deployed 300 Safe Water Stations around the Wailevu district! It was a monumental task but with their hardworking Rotarians, Ministry of Health staff and the ever-happy Community Health Workers, they did it in record time!
It was fitting that their last deployment of 36 SWS went to the secluded village of Nakawaga way up the Nasekawa River Valley. As they have no bridge across the Nasekawa River, they had to carry everything across by hand and luckily it hadn’t rained so were able to ford the river without any mishaps! All were rewarded by the villagers' hospitality and a tour of their lovely, unique church built out of 15,000 river rocks.
Many of the ladies dug up beautiful orchid plants and hibiscus cuttings for all to take home, a real treat! There are funds left for another large batch of SWS in the coming months but it’s time for a much-needed break after several years of this significant project. A great big Vinaka Vaka Levu to everyone who had a hand in helping make this such a successful project!
These stations are installed with an agreement in place with each village around use and maintenance to ensure sustainability. In providing these stations a huge contribution is made to the health and well-being of the villagers.  After-all, who wants to get sick from preventable diseases such as thypoid!