Here is a Hot Tip for your club and project success now and in the year ahead.
Promote your club and its projects. Easy! And, any Rotarian or Rotaractor can join in.
Yes, easy for two reasons:
  1. You can ask for help from the District Public Image Committee (including myself) to ensure your website and Facebook pages are doing well.
  2. You can harvest ideas from this specialised and very practically oriented Facebook Group - that any Rotarian can join and use all the ideas there.  You can also post your projects there so they can be shared to a wider audience plus any publicity tips of your own.
The more keen Rotary and Rotaract members we have in the Group the better so please invite your Rotary-Rotaract colleagues and friends.
Each one of us has our own thoughts and great ideas about great PR in Rotary/Rotaract so please share these with the Group over time by posting to the page.
The only small request of all Group members is to mention in their Facebook profile that they are a member of their Rotary/Rotaract club and include a link to your club website or Facebook page.  But that should be standard for all Rotarians/Rotaractors J
Give the above a go ... plan for success.