This month's saying, from YHC: You can't control what you can't control. You can only control your reaction to it.
From DG Ingrid August 2018
August is Membership and Club Development month in Rotary, though really every month is for our members isn’t it?
Changes in clubs
As I have been making club visits over the last month or so, I have been enthused by the thought clubs are putting into how they can grow their membership and make their club more relevant for current and future members.  Of course thought must be matched with action.  Several clubs are looking at new ways of running their meetings - changing the format, frequency, cost, and even location.  As a club you have the flexibility to choose the approach that is right for your club, your members and your community.
There are several resources available to help you – your Assistant Governor, the District Membership Committee chaired by Pam Deal, and online resources.  Have you had a look at ?  You will be pleased by the help you find there.
Rotary Days
In an effort to increase membership and highlight Rotary’s inspiring work, RI President Barry Rassin is urging clubs and districts to organise fun, informal community events called Rotary Days.  In our district we are exploring whether clubs do individual or cluster events, and whether we might have a large event in Auckland. 
In the Pacific Islands I know you will be organising some great local events.  Please let us know if you need some support.
Club visits
Inducting Evelyn Chan, the newest member at Auckland South
During my club visits I have been having a Q&A session.  I have been asked some probing and thought provoking questions, mainly about support from district for growing membership, promoting Rotary and our projects and giving to Foundation.   So, if I haven’t visited you yet, I’m looking to answering your questions and discussing how district and RI can work to support your club.
One of my goals this year is to improve communication between our clubs and district committees.  We have many dedicated Rotarians who give their time to these committees and have great ideas so please contact them and use their expertise.  You will find the contact details of each Chair on Club Runner, the ClubRunner app and in the just published District Directory.
Rotary Club of Papakura Welcome Ash Thind
In the picture (left to right) Jon Faber Club President,  Arshdeep Thind and Bernie Kay.
Arshdeep (Ash) Thind came to New Zealand 5 years ago. Ash holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree, he also studied in Christchurch for 1 year completing a diploma in CAD design. Works for Superior Doors Ltd. in Papakura as a CNC programmer.  A CNC Machinist is a computerised system of manufacturing doors.  
We know that we will receive much from Ash in help and service which will enable us to be better Rotarians; and we most heartily offer Ash the right hand of Rotary fellowship.
Arshdeep (Ash) Thind (26) originally from India, he has been in NZ for 5 years and his family still live in India. He comes from an Agricultural background with an older sister and younger brother. 
A colleague told him about Rotary so he googled Papakura club and then emailed us at the club.In his welcome speech Ash spoke about how the values in his Sikh faith are similar to Rotary in wanting to serve the community. 
Ash is hoping to learn from our experienced members, improve his public speaking skills and to help others less fortunate.
Trees for Survival
Two Auckland clubs have told me of the efforts in this campaign. I’m sure other clubs have been involved but if you don’t tell me I can’t tell the world!
Newmarket and St Cuthbert’s
30 girls from "St Cuthberts College Trees For Survival Programme" joined by John Hawke, John Mitchell, David Bradshaw, Peter Bassett, David Weikart and Peter Corner, a hardy bunch of Newmarket Rotary Club volunteers to plant over 1,000 native trees and shrubs on a farmer property at Brookby adjoining a large stand of native bush.
Great contribution to Governments one million trees.
Thanks to Peter Bassett for organising the event.
Parnell with St Kentigern’s
The 7 August 2018 turnout to 22 Ness Valley Rd, Clevedon, was
- Helen Loveday(the energiser bunny of planting) and David Jones from Parnell Rotary
- Sally as contractor for the Auckland Council in respect of Trees for Survival
-28 St Kentigern Middle School students and school master Steven Tait
- A miscellany (maybe 10) of very energetic parents.

Almost all of the 950 plants were planted with a few left for the landowner to fill any gaps.
Cooking for a Library in Fiji
The Rotaract Club of Auckland City got off to a great start in fundraising for an ambitious international project with their recent Cooking Class.  On August 12th, the Rotaract sponsored cooking class that was held at Ellerslie War Memorial Hall, attracted over 50 attendees they all enjoyed learning new recipes from Masterchef Finalist, Vanessa Baxter. The crowd was filled with people from different walks of life including Rotarians from Downtown Auckland, St Johns, Auckland Harbourside and Auckland City. The guests were split into groups that competed to speedily make delicious courgette salad, kimchi pancakes and pork dumplings.
Auckland City Rotaractors provided behind-the-scenes support with setting up for the cooking class and post event cleaning. The mastermind behind the event was the club’s Community Services Chair, Rumbie Muzawazi, who devised the idea to plan a cooking class when she met Vanessa at one of the Rotary meetings she attended a few months before. The cooking class was a big success with $1610 raised from ticket sales.
The club’s aim was to raise funds for their Rotary year project (Building a library for Saint Francis School in Fiji) and have the project supporters gain something out of it. Partnering with the Rotaract clubs of Nadi and Suva, the Rotaractors of Auckland city will be responsible for organising the logistics and materials required to build, fundraising, manpower provision and running book drives.
While no small goal, the clubs believe the library will be a meaningful step towards bringing the gift of literacy to the children of Fiji.
Model United Nations Assembly 2018
An annual Rotary youth programme is MUNA, the Model United Nations Assembly.
The 2018 event, at Auckland Girls Grammar School was a truly outstanding activity with over 80 countries represented by the 300 students involved. The students came from across both districts from colleges between Kaitaia and Pukekohe.
The key objectives of MUNA include:
  • To develop an awareness of the UN and different country’s situations
  • To improve students public speaking skills
  • To enable students to make informed comments on world  issues
Naturally a longer term benefit could be the individual student’s involvement in Rotaract, Rotary or a satellite club.
The outcome of MUNA 2018 clearly showed that these objectives were achieved via the spirited and incredibly well researched presentations and debates.
Ex-MP, Ross Robertson, acted as UN Secretary General chaired the sessions.
Many students adopted the dress code of the country they represented, and this move, combined with over 150 country flags made MUNA an extremely colourful affair.
The remits for MUNA were in keeping with Rotary’s involvement with the UN from its formation in 1945 included
  • The UN need to enforce existing programmes to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons,
  • The UN to examine the integrity of elections in member states,
  • The UN to identify countries with low literacy rates, with two further remits concerning women’s rights and free trade.
In summary: A thought provoking two days and the identification of a number of future leaders.
The involvement of clubs with their affiliated schools is encouraged as this is a low cost major Rotary event. MUNA 2019 will be held on 17/18 May,at Auckland Girls Grammar School.
We must be grateful for the hard work of Ian Willetts, the MUNA Coordinator  Districts 9910/9920 and Paul Sargison who handled the administrative details.
Many clubs are on Facebook.  That means that they will have Facebook friends.  Which club has the most? If your club has over 100 Facebook friends can you tell me?  Let’s see which club has the most.  And what they’ve done to attract more attention to their Facebook feed.  Be the inspiration to other clubs.
International Electronic Rotary cook book
Greetings from the Rotary eClub of Innovation (East Anglia). Please can you help us raise funds for Rotary causes without spending any of your own money?
We are putting together a cookery book by Rotarians for Rotarians (and others), by collecting recipes from every country in the world where there is a Rotary Club.  The recipes will be tasty and popular and reflect the variety of Rotarians and their lives the world over.
We can only do this if a Club in every country helps us out.  Every person that contributes a published recipe will be acknowledged and their Club named.  The book will be available to buy on the web as an online publication.  We will announce its publication date.
Please send the recipe by email to  
Yours in Rotary Jack Davis and Caroline Dobson. This link tells you about our Club
Paul Harris Fellows ???
Some club presidents and bulletin editors have told me of newly awarded Paul Harris Fellows.  But not all.  Next month I will try to publish a list of all, newly awarded fellow, back to June to include those who received their award at changeovers.  So club leaders, names, please, by the 15th September.   
Cycle through Egypt!
Now here’s something completely different!  Read the attached to understand the what the good people of the Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan are trying to achieve!  Your Humble Correspondent and She Who Must be Obeyed had a great holiday in Egypt a few years ago so we can highly recommend it – and it was safe! See the end of this story for more details and photos.
!st November for two bangs for your buck! 1 Great movie 2 Donation to Polio Plus
Last year we went to the movies for Rotary this year it’s even better – Queen (yes THE pop group, not to show my age or biases)  star in this year’s End Polio Now Movie Event which looks like being a blockbuster! Bohemian Rhapsody is the story of Freddie Mercury and Queen and it will be released worldwide on 1st November. Have a look at the movie trailer,  
Depending on the club’s locality, it may make sense for clubs to band together as a cluster but if you want to break free and do it on your own, that’s good too. If you are looking to organise a cluster event I suggest you discuss this with the Assistant Governor involved in working with your clubs to determine the best approach. (The last bit incoming DG Gary wrote so let’s go with the flow here!)
Thanks for Club bulletins
The Rotary clubs of Auckland East Downtown, Lautoka, Mangere, Papakura and Parnell send me their bulletins.  Thanks!  That means that when you have projects which can be the inspiration to other clubs they will be reported.  If your club’s not there you know what to do! 
Plumber Required
An exciting opportunity for innovative plumbers, a real chance to make a real improvement to many people’s lives.  
See here for more details.
Enter the World Polio Day competition

World Polio Day Competition – Your Club could win $500 for its WASH Projects!

World Polio Day is celebrated on October 24th.

$$$$$ - THE PRIZES!

  • $500 US for the best project (i.e. the one with the most impact)
  • $500 US for the most innovative project

Please submit all entries by December 1, 2018.  Get the details here!

Emergency Response Kits
When our Pacific neighbours require immediate assistance following a cyclone, tsunami or earthquake, we distribute Emergency Response Kits.
People can lose everything, including loved ones, when disaster strikes.  You can help in a practical way.  Help survivors get through the first days by providing Emergency Response Kits.  Kits contain basic equipment so that a family can construct a simple shelter and clothe themselves.  There are essentials such as tools, toiletries, first aid supplies and household items.
Rotary Months
Using the Rotary months, programme organisers and bulletin editors can focus speakers and topics to support Rotary International's programme.  The next four months are:
September     Basic Education and literacy month
October       Economic and Community Development
November    Rotary Foundation
DecemberDisease prevention and treatment
For the full calendar year ...
Rotary District 9920 Training Seminars
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Parts 1, 2 and 3 weekend on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September 2018 8.45am to 4.15pm at Glendowie College, Crossfield Rd, Glendowie, Auckland  
Registrations via District 9920 RLI Chair / 027 600 1363 plus District 9920 RLI Coordinator Byran / 027 579 7930  
Assistant Governors and Key District Chairs’ Training on Sunday 14 October 2018 at DGE Gary and Jan Langford’s in Remuera, Auckland   
Presidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) 1 for Auckland AGs and PEs on Sunday 18 November 2018 at Remuera Golf Club (off Abbotts Way), Remuera, Auckland
Presidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) 2 for Pacific Island AGs and PEs on Friday 1 March 2019 at Waipuna Conference Centre, Waipuna Rd, Mt Wellington, Auckland   
South Pacific Presidents Elect Training Seminar (SPPETS) for Auckland and Pacific Island AGs and PEs on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March 2019 at Waipuna Conference Centre, Waipuna Rd, Mt Wellington, Auckland  
Leaders Elect Training Seminar (LETS) for Auckland AGs, PEs and Rotary club leadership teams on Sunday 19 May 2019 at St Cuthbert’s College, Epsom, Auckland. 
Upcoming Events
DG's Visit to Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland
Northern Club
Aug 28, 2018
7:20 AM – 8:30 AM
DG's Visit to Rotary Club of Mt Eden
The Alex Boardroon
Aug 28, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
DG's Visit to Rotary Club of Papatoetoe West
Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Aug 29, 2018
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
District Foundation Seminar - for all Rotarians
Kolmar Centre
Aug 30, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
District International Service Information Seminar
Kolmar Centre
Sep 18, 2018 6:30 PM
District Leaders Meeting
PwC Building
Sep 19, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Rotary Leadership Institute -open to all Rotarians
Glendowie College
Sep 22, 2018 9:00 AM –
Sep 23, 2018 4:30 PM
Online Q&A Panel for Club Questions
Zoom. Details will be circulated
Sep 27, 2018
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Taveuni Eye Project
Oct 01, 2018
Asst Govs & Key District Chairs' Training
Oct 14, 2018
District Leaders Meeting
PwC Building
Oct 17, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
National Membership Seminar
Kings College
Oct 27, 2018
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM