Time Moves So Fast!  A Message From DG Allan
Over the last month Sue and I have been involved in a lot of events, club meetings, attending the Canberra Institute, alongside the Disability Camp, Polio All Trains, and working alongside our district teams that are making things happen in youth services, new club development, and planning for an exciting District Conference in late March.
Inside all of this we managed to have a short holiday in Tasmania where, at one stage, it was -2 degrees when exploring. This was a place we had not been to before, and travelling to new places always excites us.
Polio All Trains was completed
On our return to Auckland it was exciting to see Rotarians out in big numbers supporting PDG Jennie Herring and her team in implementing the Polio All Trains event. 
In a month when lots happened as Rotarians, we did some great things but at other times we did not quite reach the mark (as detailed below). It is important that we understand the importance of our communities and what is happening around us. 
It is sad when someone steals from Charities who are doing so much good in the community.
Our Auckland community is under pressure with the amount of violence and theft occurring by our young members who are out of control. One such example was the fact that the Grace Foundation / Manurewa Marae was broken into and the food and goods for the poor and needy was stolen. The amount was substantial, and it was heartening to see organisations support them very quickly. Our Rotary clubs are working with many other organisations, such as the Salvation Army, Local Marae, Citizen Advice centres to name a few, to ensure that their food banks and distribution are well managed. I'm not sure if we could have helped the Manurewa Marae in this case, but it is a lesson to learn to be aware as we head into Xmas that there may be many other examples where those who are desperate will try similar thefts.
Who are the offenders I would not make a guess, but we need to stay close to those who need our support.
Better Together Institute and Conference
Attending the Canberra Institute workshops and conference was the first time our Zone DG group had been together and met each other personally. Over the last 3 years we have met online monthly, and it was as if we knew everyone and our personalities. The opportunity to discuss Rotary issues of the day, as well as having our partners with us to mix in the evenings, allowed us to increase the bond of those online friendships.
New Zealand and District 9920 can be proud that we are ahead in some areas that allows us to work forward. It was not surprising that our Australian counterparts are struggling with DEI and that we, not perfect and still learning, are certainly in a more positive position. Over the weekend the combination of both Rotaract and Rotarians contributing produced some very informative discussions during breakout workshops on from the stage itself. From a personal point it was a pleasure to spend time with RI President Elect Gordon McInally and I look forward to meeting with him again when he visits Down-Under at different times.
New Clubs on the go both here and in the Pacific
I am personally excited to see that we are about to charter a new club here in Auckland. Together with Chair Ashwini, alongside AG Raj, we are about to have our new Club chartered in December. This is exciting and shows that Rotary plays an important part in having groups within our communities combining to contribute in many ways in support of Rotary.
Also, in American Samoa 5 Interact Clubs have formed with the support of the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs. This was seen as a very important step for the community in giving back, but also developing leadership skills in these young members. 
On our Return
Sue and I get excited when visiting Clubs or attending their events. In such a short time since we returned from Australia we have attended or presented at
• Harbourside Diwali Festival
• Papatoetoe Central Diaspora 
• Pakuranga RC
• Downtown RC
• Waiheke RC
• Penrose RC
• Somerville RC
• Pohutukawa Coat RC
All in 2 weeks and trying to attend our own club events along this journey.
So far since I became DG, Sue and I have been able to attend and be part of 69 club presentations and events. We know we could have done more as there are many events that are held on the same night. It is exciting to meet club members from many walks of life who are Rotarians. The pleasure of being hosted allows us to meet members who we may not have met otherwise. We certainly look forward to the next 6 months attending Clubs here in Auckland, visiting our Pacifica clubs, having our District Conference, and attending the RI Convention in Melbourne in May. To rub shoulders with you all is our pleasure and honour.
The giving of our clubs is extraordinary, and you should be proud of what you achieve.
Lets Celebrate together
Where Winning Begins
The conference team is working behind the scenes to make this event special. With the help of The St Johns Rotary Club this is an important financial outlay that ensures that the event allows our District members to come together and celebrate the year that we have had. New members, new clubs, plus all our current active members have a great way to get together and celebrate. 

To ensure that the event is financially viable we need sponsorship in some areas. If you think that you or a business would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact our Sponsorship manager Vidya Nand, vdy_nand@yahoo.co.nz , Mobile 021 030 1256.
There are many options for sponsorship from the event itself.
We encourage you all to register early and make a commitment to be with us. It will be an exciting event and we are working on the programme to make it full.
  • Friday Night Foundation Charity Auction & Dinner
  • Saturday Conference
  • PDG Cocktail function
  • Awards Dinner
Sue and I look forward to meeting you all together to realise how Rotary within our District makes a difference.
Why Should I Register For D9920 Conference?
The Conference Programme?  The guest speaker line-up?  The fellowship? The venue, and many other good  reasons, are why you should register to attend. 
However, a personal testimonial from a fellow Rotarian who has attended one or more District Conferences will certainly help convince you to attend, such as;
Vineeta Nand - DGE
"The District conference is an important event for our District as it gives Rotarians an opportunity to network with other club members, reconnect with friends and find out what is happening within the District.  The inspirational speakers and friendships will,  I am sure, rejuvenate us to continue serving our communities and the wider world with more passion and strength."
Ron Seeto - PDG
"Rotary conferences? What's not to like?.  It’s one massive hui …hanging out, networking, eating too much kai, maybe learning even and not to mention partying with your fellow Rotary whanau Ka pai!"
Beryl Robinson - PDG
“My primary motivation for going to so many Rotary Conferences over the years is the camaraderie through reconnecting with friends and meeting new ones.  Other highlights are the inspirational speakers, new ideas and opportunities for future involvement.” 
Ingrid Waugh - PDG
“One of the many reasons I go to a district conference is to renew - I always learn something new, meet someone new and hear something new.  And I experience the wider world of Rotary and the power of what we can achieve together”.
George Wilson - PP
"Rotary has provided me with the vehicle that I can not only develop my personal ability and  desire to help others less fortunate but also the opportunity and structure to do so, simultaneously allowing me to work with Youth who I see as the future of the world."
Year-end Message
As we approach the end of the year, Sue and I would like to extend to all District 9920 members and their families, very best wishes for the rapidly approaching Holiday Season.
We thank you all sincerely for the commitment, hard work and dedication to all that we stand for as a global organisation.
Be sure to take the time to relax and spend some wonderful quality time with friends and family.
Sincere thanks for your support of Sue and I.  Stay safe and enjoy New Year celebrations and may 2023 be everything you would like it to be.
End Polio - All Transit Day
After two previous cancellations, on Friday 11th of November 2022, Rotarians around Auckland took part in a Polio All Transit Day, which raises awareness for the End Polio Now Campaign. This is the third year that Rotarians have flooded the Auckland city rail and ferry network with a sea of red polio shirts.

Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson and Act Deputy Leader Brook van Valden sent the Rotarian riders off from the Britomart Station at 8am.   As the day progressed, more Rotarian riders joined in as their journey along the network continued.  Camaraderie and networking with a purpose came together with contagious energy as the riders met old and new friends along the way.

Members of the public were intrigued, interested to learn more from our riders and often inspired to donate along the way! We are grateful to all who joined in the fun with a special mention to the team of 10 who rode the trains for a full 8½ hours.
Special appreciation should go to the RC of Waiheke Island who meet the Ferry Riders, at their Matiatia terminal, took them for coffee and transported them to their next ferry which left from Kennedy Point.    Thanks also should go to the RC of Papakura who fed and watered the 40 odd train riders for lunch – such  generosity on the part of their members.

As part of the journey this year we were also to have a plane in the sky towing an End Polio Banner.
Unfortunately the weather on the day was so bad that quite a few of the ferries were cancelled and the plane was unable to fly.    It was still raining in Auckland two weeks later, but it is hoped that the plane will be flying the End Polio Now banner over the Auckland CBD and surrounding area within the next week.

An extra special thanks should go to our sponsor Century 21, Tasreet Dhatt.   This sponsorship has enabled us to cover the cost of the plane and banner, as well as  the selfie frames, donation cards and the video which will be completed in the next year.   The Polio Transit Team as well as the Foundation Committees of both D9920 and D9910 thank Tasreet and Century 21 for their generous support.

We are still waiting for the final figures to come in but it is hoped that we have again raised $30,000 for the End Polio Now Campaign.
The End Polio Now campaign started in 1988 when there were 350,000 polio cases reported around the world. Today, 34 years on, the Wild Polio virus is only found in two countries; Pakistan and Alfghanistan, with a combined total of 41 cases to date in 2022.  This is a phenomenal achievement.

Every dollar donated through Rotary Clubs/Rotarians/members of the public attracts $2 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Every year The Rotary Foundation has a goal of $50 million USD and when we attain this amount the Gates Foundation match it with another $1 million USD.  This $150 million USD,  with the assistance of our partner UNICEF, assists with the vaccinating of 450,000 children every year.

As we now come out of the Covid pandemic, everyone is more aware of how quickly a pandemic can spread.   The last polio pandemic was in the 1950s and those of us who are old enough to remember will recall that back then schools were closed, and people encouraged to stay home to avoid contact.

A polio outbreak is only a flight away.
Cruisin' To End Polio
On the 24 February 2023 District 9920 is holding a Charitable fund raising event – Crusin’ to End Polio.
As the name suggests this is a twilight cruise of the Waitemata Harbour, Auckland on Ocean Eagle Charters boat leaving the Viaduct marina at 6pm and returning back at 10pm.    Buffet dinner and dancing are included with a cash bar.
Chair of the Rotary Foundation Trustees, Past RI President Ian Riseley  and his wife Julia will be our special guests on the boat.   Tickets are limited to 140 and to register and pay please go to;
For an amazing time of the water of the Waitemata Harbour with friends CLICK HERE
This event is a District Fundraiser with all profits going to the End Polio Now campaign.    We look forward to seeing you there.
PDG Jennie Herring.
Your Clubs Opportunity To Showcase Your Efforts
District 9920 is being showcased by Rotary Down Under in its February 2023 edition. Each edition over the past year has featured individual Districts from Zone 8 and how they are helping their communities both locally and internationally.
I am writing to you to ask if you have a signature project in your club either past, present or future (planned) that you would like us to feature in this showcase. What I require is an article of approximately 200-300 words with a few high resolution photos.   A really good phone photo is OK but try for greater than 6MB.
Please send your submission to PDG Jennie Herring by 15 December 2022. 
Email:  herringjennie@gmail.com
Phone:  027 2932095 
Let's show the rest of the Rotary world what District 9920 does, to make a difference.
Literacy Is An Absolutely Essential Bedrock Skill!
Reading makes possible the creation and storage of content, for communication and consumption again and again, and it is the foundation of all but oral communication. Without this skill you are unable to even apply for a job, let alone do one. At a personal level without reading you are excluded from much civil connectedness, the ability to evaluate your food choices in the supermarket or understand your medication. UNESCO recently estimated that approximately 35% of 15 year olds in New Zealand lack basic proficiency in reading (and maths).
Rotary has had an enduring focus on literacy and supports activities and training to improve education for all children and literacy for children and adults. Initiatives range from mentoring (Reading Enrichment Program) to the presentation of pictorial dictionaries to year 3 and year 4 students. This week one of the largest primary schools in NZ enjoyed a visit from their local Rotarians with the presentation of hundreds of dictionaries to their pupils. These books get taken home and become a family resource.
When quizzed on what the value of the dictionary is to them they showed wisdom and insight. “They tell you what a word means”, “They tell you what you did not know before”, “They give you lots of new ideas”. The most poignant, in this age of fake facts, “They help you know what is true and what is not”. These books make a huge difference to the pupils who receive them, and to the development of literacy in NZ.
Posted by Charles Miller - thank you Charles.
An experiment with a purpose
What happens when a specialist Assistant Rotary Coordinator, a Rotary International Regional Membership Officer,  two additional Assistant Rotary Coordinators, five District Membership members and five District Governors come together as a team?  A Roadshow!
The Christmas Joy Store
St. Johns Rotary Club member Ainie Kwok has brought to our attention a Rotary initiative that your club and or members may wish to participate in.
Ariana Andrews, a member of the RC of Newmarket and a Rotaractor, is driving this initiative.  It is currently happening in the RC of Newmarket and the RC of Papakura.  If any members would like to become involved, please make contact via the link noted in the poster below.
The Rotary Four Way Test
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