July 2020     This Newsletter has been sent to all District 9920 Rotarians

District Governor Gary’s end of term message

I write this message with only a few days left as District Governor.  On 1 July I will join an illustrious group of Past District Governors who have contributed so much to Rotary and the community in our district and beyond.
The year as District Governor has been amazing and eventful.  My wife Jan and I have many warm memories as Rotarians have welcomed us into club meetings and we have been privileged to see Rotarians supporting projects and having fun.  While all the time living our motto of “Service Above Self” and doing good in the community and around the world.
It’s great to see clubs collaborating and supporting our Pacific Island clubs.  The measles epidemic claimed over eighty young lives in Samoa and tropical cyclone Harold caused significant devastation in Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga.  The emergency response kits (ERKs) were prepositioned and immediately available to help those in need.  The ERKs programme is well supported by clubs in our district and other districts and we will soon be volunteering to replace the stock of ERKs used during the recent disaster.
The 2019-2020 year has been a year of change.  In many ways it has been pivotal with the advent of COVID-19 and with the forced lockdowns we have all needed to adapt.  Rotarians and clubs learnt to use Zoom and other methods to communicate and engage their members.  It was pleasing to see so many helping those isolated or needing help during lockdown.  Now that we are in Level 1 we are returning to meetings.  Many clubs have adopted Zoom or other technologies, either as part of their meeting or have replaced some meetings with a Zoom meeting.  Many of the district committees and board meetings, the Leaders-elect Development, District AGM and the Rotary International Convention have been held virtually.  This is part of the new normal and one of the benefits is that the Pacific Islands, eClub and travelling Rotarians can participate.
Like many of you, I attended the Rotary International virtual convention with the general sessions starting at 1.00 am and finishing at 2.30 am NZST.  Many others have been able to watch the sessions on demand.

The Fiji Oxygen Project

No Child Should Die for Lack of Oxygen
Great News - we are delighted to be able to advise you, our funders and supporters, that The Rotary Foundation has approved our Fiji Oxygen Global Grant.  The funds available total US$404,767.  Of that amount 45 per cent has been provided by you and by our clubs.  Rotary districts around the world have provided a further 15 per cent and The Rotary Foundation grant amounts to 40 per cent (approximately) and is paid in two instalments.
The delivery of the project is in the joint hands of our cooperating partners, Cure Kids, Fiji Ministry of Health & Medical Services (Fiji MoHMS) and an expert team from the University of Auckland, ably led by Associate Professor Stephen Howie.
Cure Kids Fiji was launched in 2006 in partnership with Accor Hotels.  Since then, Cure Kids has partnered with Fiji MoHMS to deliver more than FJ$7 million of initiatives in child health.  In recent years, Cure Kids Fiji has focused on preventing and improving outcomes for children living with rheumatic heart disease.  Also on improving oxygen supplies in health facilities to prevent death and illness from severe respiratory conditions.
Cure Kids has already demonstrated proof of concept with the installation of oxygen concentrators at six sites in Fiji.  The photos show the concentrators being unpacked at Taveuni Hospital and the solar power unit at Nausori Health Centre, two of the existing established sites.

Inspiring Youth Exchange Students Returning Home


L-R: Isa (Chile), Luise (Austria), Eva (Germany), DG Gary & wife Jan, Elise (France), Tijn (Netherlands), Clara (Denmark)
Front L-R: Robyn Inbound Coordinator & Tracey Faber RYE Chair
The District 9920 Rotary Youth Exchange Committee recently held a very special function for the departing RYE students, their host families, Counsellors and other Rotarian’s connected with the RYE programme. The gratitude of the students for the extraordinary and life changing experience of their exchange in New Zealand (their words) was evident as was the positive impact the students also made with their host families who commented that these students were an endorsement of their countries and the RYE programme.
Most people have heard of the Rotary Youth Exchange, the world's biggest and best-known student cultural exchange program. It is said that the programme provides students with a ‘year that defines a lifetime’ and the students about to depart after a year in New Zealand and Alumni who later in life reflect on their participation would endorse this as almost an understatement. The following is a distillation of the presentations from the departing students, their host families and Counsellors.

A Walk in the Park

The annual District Walk in the Park was again a chance for Rotarians and family to mix 'n mingle.  Cornwall Park is lovely any time of the year and  the sun broke out as all gathered at the Band Rotunda for the start of an easy 5km through the meadows and trees.  The walk ended at the cafe for the needed morning tea and some more chat 'n laughter.

End Polio Ride-a-Train October 2020

After last year’s successful inaugural event when $76K was raised by combined Districts 9910 & 9920, we promised with your support to bring together a Bigger, Better, Bolder repeat this year.  This years event is being planned for World Polio Day, Friday 23 October (TBC). Standby!

Bottle re-use in Savusavu, Fiji

The Rotary Club of Savusavu has been working with the leading women’s advocacy group,
iSoqosoqo Vakamarama iTaukei Cakaudrove, to establish a bottle re-use programme in Savusavu.
It’s a simple and very useful project; people bring their used bottles to a table in the Savusavu market and anyone can collect them and take them away.  Women from the local villages use the bottles for coconut oil, homemade chutneys and jams and even carrying water.  Having a stand at the market makes it easy for women to collect them and then get on the bus to go home.  It’s also easy for locals to drop off their used bottles for the project.
Elenoa Kaisau of iSoqosoqo Vakamarama says, “The local women from the villages are very pleased.  They say that water tastes better when it’s kept in a glass bottle and a lot of them prefer them for keeping coconut oil, especially when it’s a gift.  When the rules on social gatherings are lifted there will be a surge of weddings and coconut oil is often a popular gift.”

Second Step initiative recognised with Rotary Young Totara Award

The first recipient in District 9920 of the Young Totara Award was Molly Hillman for her school-based charity enterprise ‘Second Step”. The Young Totara Award recognises the positive achievements of our young people, promotes sound role models for our youth and fosters responsible attitudes towards the community. By singling out and recognizing young people with these qualities, we can promote these ideals and encourage positive role models for the growing generations. This new initiative for District 9920 is recommended for all clubs to use at anytime of the Rotary year.

Meeting the Challenge for The Rotary Foundation in 9920

Message from District 9920 Rotary Foundation Chair, PDG Jennie Herring:
Rotary is no exception to the stresses that the COVID-19 public health and economic crises have brought to many businesses and individuals.
We have shown however that we can respond quickly. In the past few months Disaster Response Grants totalling US$4.25million have been made by The Rotary Foundation to address needs in 172 Rotary Districts in areas as diverse as Central Africa, Italy and Ohio. From personal protective equipment, to ventilators, to foodbanks – Rotarians, through our Foundation, have been helping support communities around the world.

Public Image & Awareness Committee needs your input!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on my details.  It has been great to meet so many who want to make a difference to their Rotary club teams.
We need team members who are familiar with many aspects of social media and marketing event management and want to expand their talents in building video and podcast material.  The ideal person is a Rotarian or Rotaract member but this may not always be the case.  You may be a university student who wants to expand their experience and knowledge.   This could be you or someone you know.
I would be very happy to discuss further so please contact me to explore this opportunity.
Kindest regards,
District Governor Nominee 2020/21
Area Governor 2020/2021
District 9920 Public Image Chair 2020/21
Tel: 021 959 397  Email: ASmith@ACCESSABLE.CO.NZ

Celebrating what we have achieved

The Centenary of Rotary International was held in the 2004-2005 Rotary year.  Rotary was founded on 23 February 1905.
The Centennial Governors were charges with Celebrating Rotary and this was done by encouraging and supporting all clubs to create a lasting Centennial project in their community, something over 80% of clubs did.  In addition, there were District special celebration events cumulating in the massive Rotary Convention in Chicago.  A Centennial book was produced: A Century of Service – the story of Rotary International
The Rotary Foundation celebrated its centennial in the 2016-2017 Rotary year.  The Rotary Foundation was formed in 1917 with the first donation then and the Foundation was (re)named The Rotary Foundation in 1928. Throughout the year the global and local contribution of The Rotary Foundation was celebrated in District and international events.  A Centennial book was produced: The Rotary Foundation - Doing Good in the World
The 100 years of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania is being held in the 2020-2021 Rotary year.  The Rotary Club of Melbourne was founded on 1 May 1921, the Rotary Club of Auckland on 13 June 1922 and the first Pacific club was the Rotary Club of Suva, founded 26 March 1936.
The District Governors for this Centennial of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania are supporting two projects that celebrate this milestone being the regional ‘Rotary Give Every Child a Future’ Pacific immunisation project and in New Zealand the ‘Mana Tangata’ History project.  In addition, there will be special celebratory events through the year.

District 9920 Leaders-elect Development 2020-2021 Review

Firstly, many thanks to all our District 9920 club members who checked into the first leadership-elect development (LED) sessions over June 7 and 14 Sunday afternoons.  It was so special to have our Pacific Islands members present and learning alongside of our Tamaki/Auckland club members for the first time!  Also great to have other district members join us as well as global whanau – Jean Louis- Bonjour!
This was the first time this programme (previously PETS) has been delivered via the Zoom platform which has been a gift of COVID-19.  It has enabled Rotary clubs across Aotearoa and the world to keep connected.
Secondly, a big thank you to our facilitators who prepared and presented their unique sessions which were informative, participatory and engaging.  Again, a new space for many of our facilitators who perfectly managed the challenge.
All video recording of all sessions is accessible on the YouTube Rotary Oceania website just click here.

COVID-19 Opened Opportunities Accepted

Thinking back to last year; magazines flew of the shelves.  The suddenly that all changed and supplies of printed magazines went unsold.  End dates for these posed a problem for those with these stocks who then set about seeking a creative solution that would at least see these put to good use.  A North Shore, Auckland Rotarian was contacted by a magazine publisher who had 1,600 copies of the Boy-Zone and Total Girl magazines they wanted to donate to Auckland schools.  In the District 9920 area, Auckland South Rotary took up the challenge to arrange the distribution of 800 magazines to six Decile-1 schools as depicted in the photo.  This was a big task but the club team excelled resulting in so many smiling faces.  A similar distribution occurred in District 9910.
Rotary has the network, the 'can-do' attitude and the integrity to inspire confidence that we can take donations and other opportunities make do good with them.  As clubs we need to spread the word in this regard.

THE CLUB - Insta success

As things return to some normality, what needs to be done to create a 'new normal'?   That place, where as a club, we can actually build on past successes, overcome some of the past bottlenecks to progress and embed that vibrancy we all crave.

View the recorded Virtual RI Convention General Sessions and  Breakouts

If you missed the Virtual Rotary International Convention General Sessions or possibly more importantly, the Featured Breakouts, they are available on-line via www.riconvention.org ... go to the section to want and click on the topic you want to watch (the Featured Breakouts cover many very useful topics and can take 2 days to be put up after the actual session).

The link to the first Featured Breakout, Using Virtual Tools to Engage Members, is https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cY10rhCS16  The PowerPoint slides used are available via the Learning Center.

Showcasing your club achievements for 2019-2020

Christchurch South Rotary certainly know how to present their substantial achievements in a timely and visually useful way (dated 24 June 2020 at their Changeover). Their website and Facebook pages are similarly great with current and useful information that clearly showcases their club. This is an example to all clubs.  You do not and should not wait until your AGM sometime in the future to do this as the relevance is lost on those outside Rotary and many members.  If you do - get this good news out to your members, your community, your sponsors and supporters and those you have helped ASAP.

This is what we want – are you delivering it


Service opportunities and fellowship.  That is why we joined Rotary and that is why we stay … if we get enough of these.  Among us we will have different preferences – some of us thrive if we are engaged in service projects.  While others like the projects, although tend to enjoy the fellowship more.  But if we do not get enough of what we want, our support of Rotary will slowly dwindle away.
Imagine if as a Rotarian, you were able to pick and choose what interested you from a wide range of options at any time of the year.  Whether a service project or social activity, whether created by your club or others. Think of the people you would meet and the experiences and satisfaction you would enjoy.  Isn’t that the sort of vibrancy that drew you to Rotary?

4-Way Test Podcast Competition for Schools

Rotary Oceania covers New Zealand and most of the Pacific Countries. Indigenous peoples, both within New Zealand and in the Pacific, have little presence on the Video logs (Vlogs) and yet this is the most accessible format for direct communication by the marginalised and the disadvantaged. The barrier is access to the equipment and training to use it. ROZOPS has developed a studio-in-a-box that can be delivered into communities, along with the Podcast competition providing a focal point for learning.

Rotary’s club network can take on the task of helping schools confirm need, raising funds and delivering this technology into the schools with set-up and learning support from the ROZOPS ICT team.
To find out more about what this initiative is about and how you can participate CLICK HERE

A fun social and very popular quiz night open to all

District 9920 is a geographic area covering a half of Auckland, New Zealand and the seven Pacific nations of American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Samoa and Tonga.  This is the largest maritime district in Rotary and this unique Pacific influence provides Rotarians with wide ranging and interesting service opportunities.  In this area there are 53 Rotary clubs of which a third are in the Pacific countries.
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