Challenge Camp
Participants: Physically challenged young people from 16-20 years
Camp dates:  Usually held in May each year
Venue: TBC - Vaughan Park Retreat Centre, Long Bay
Advice to clubs:  September 2019
Club nominations deadline:
Selection time: March 2020
Purpose of Camp:
To promote personal development and interaction of youth who share physical
and intellectually challenging disabilities with the support of mentors resourced from the
International Youth Exchange students.
Skills Gained:
Experience, empathy, and confidence gained from opportunities for interaction between young people with disabilities and overseas students; recreation of skills.
Participants may have sensory impairments, mild to moderate physical impairments, or mild intellectual impairments. These may include impairments of speech, hearing or vision, or of physical mobility. Suitable participants would include those requiring a wheelchair, provided one mentor with no specific training can support them.
Young people with a severe impairment resulting in challenging behaviour, or being dependent on 24-hour support, including a high level of feeding and dressing or toileting assistance, are considered unsuitable for this programme
Age limits are 16 and 20 years. International Youth Exchange Students are also obliged to participate as mentors.
Contacts 2021-2022:
Hilary Prior
Phone: 0211870154
Rotary Club: Downtown Auckland