District 9920 Conference 2020 - Speakers
Sir Richard is a New Zealand neuroscientist and academic who specialises in human neurodegenerative diseases. University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland, he is noted for his research into brain diseases, particularly Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases.
In 2007, his team at the University of Auckland proved that the brain can repair itself by generating new cells, debunking the theory that, once fully formed, the human brain could only degenerate.  In 2009, he established the University of Auckland's Centre for Brain Research (CBR), to facilitate interactions among different groups and to promote new treatments for brain disease.

Stephanie is an Australian Rotarian and Founder of Seven Women, as well as Hands on Development a travel with a purpose tour company in Nepal.
She joined the Rotary Club of Melbourne on the return from her Rotary Peace Fellowship at the Uppsala University Peace Centre in Sweden
where she obtained a Master of Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Her work is focused around creating a more tolerant and compassionate world, with a focus on education and economic empowerment for marginalized women.
Seven Women began in 2006 when Stephanie met 7 disabled women living in a tin shed and learnt of the harsh stigma they were facing.
Seven Women has now empowered over 5,000 marginalized women through education, skills training and income generation

Michelle, also known as Nanogirl, grew up in Hong Kong, the USA and the UK.  She displayed skills in computer coding by the age of eight, and completed a Masters in Engineering at the University of Manchester and a PhD in Biomedical Materials Engineering at Rutgers University.
Michelle set up and runs New Zealand’s sole nanomechanical testing lab, which conducts research into breaking extremely small materials such as cells.  She is a senior lecturer in Chemical and Material Engineering at Auckland University, and an associate investigator at the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.
Michelle co-founded the charity OMGTech in 2014 with Vaughan Rowsell and Rab Heath to provide children of all ages and backgrounds access to learning opportunities about technology.  Sessions involve hands-on learning of 3D-printing, coding, robotics and science.
Julia Phelps, is a Director of Rotary International and a Trustee of The Rotary Foundation.  She has been a Rotarian since 1997.
Julia will be speaking about the beginnings of Rotary's Polio eradication efforts, and what the programme has developed into today. It's also a personal story for our speaker and part of her journey.  The talk is titled "The Ripple Effect, One Rotarian to Another."
Peter Lester was the New Zealand Yachtsman of the year in 1977 and again in 1987. He has competed in three Americas Cup campaigns.  An expert commentator, he was the voice of the America's Cup in 2013 for TVNZ. 
Peter was born in Christchurch competed in the Americas Cup three times; as tactician on board the New Zealand boat KZ1 in 1988, as the coach of the Spanish team in 1992, and as tactician for Chris Dickson's Tag Heuer Challenge in 1995.
Further speaker details will be provided nearer the Conference time.