Publicity for Clubs & District Committees
To manage the operation of an efficient, professional and up-to-date district website and to encourage individual Rotarians and clubs to use the medium for Rotary communications.
  1. Helping clubs to make effective use of their club websites and social media for publicity (technical and club management aspects of websites are managed by the District ICT Committee)
  2. Managing the publicity aspects of the District 9920 Website and social media
  3. Supporting the District Newsletter Editor
  4. Supporting the publicity activities (projects, events and programmes) of  District Committees and clubs as requested
Please go to the list of resources shown under For Rotarians - Publicity Ideas and Resources
This includes:
  1.  An overview of great publicity in practice - not the theory but what actualy is proven to work
  2. SnapShot Self-Help series - practical assistance with severa aspec ts of publicity ranging from how to write a great story to how to create a great club website Home Page
  3. How and why to hold a Rotary Day - not just a 'Day" but a way of showcasing your club at all your projects as appropriate
  4. Additional resources
  5. How to ask any question you have concerning publicity and / or just to ask for some help - do not be shy in asking for assistance as you need this