Rotary-inspired Recreational Facilities
Over many years Rotary clubs have created or inspired recreational facilities such as walk/cycleways or BBQ areas, playgrounds etc that are in use by the community. 
The following are some of these. 
If people know of any not listed please email or 021652801  As at 14/10/2018 this page has just been created and may take some time to populate properly (a second page listing recurring sporting / cultural events may also be created so advise these as well).
Rotary Walk/cycleway Pakuranga by the Rotary Club of Pakuranga
Tamaki Drive Cardinal Markers by the Rotary Club of St Johns
Installed as a Rotary Centennial Year project in 2005, these measure 8 kms between the eastern end of St Heliers Bay to the Ports of Auckland.  There is a bronze marker every 1 km and these count up from either end.
Rotary Centennial Track on Motutapa Island by Rotary Club of Newmarket
Number 2 in this map, many clubs have supported Newmarket Rotary, especially St Johns Rotary with creating the track form, a bridge across a stream in Home Bay and extensive associated plantings of native plants, particularly those that are fire resistant for form a natural fire break.  Rotary members are regular participants at planting days and also assist with associated projects such as repainting old WW2 bunkers as nursery storage facilities.
Details of Motutapu Walkways at: