The Young Totara Award:
  • recognises the positive achievements of our young people,
  • promotes sound role models for our youth, and
  • fosters responsible attitudes towards the community.
The future of the planet will be in the hands of the youth of today.
To lead the world of tomorrow we will need young people with
  • strength of character,
  • courage of conviction,
  • care of the community, and
  • pursuit of excellence.
By singling out and recognizing young people with these qualities we can promote these ideals and encourage positive role models for the growing generations.
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In New Zealand the Maori people liken their leaders to the mighty totara tree.
It seems appropriate that within New Zealand we should identify the leaders of tomorrow as “Young Totaras” and express the great need of our country as wanting a “forest of young totara trees,” a culturally sound association with strong environmental emphasis.

Criteria for Clubs:
  • To recognize significant contributions by youth to the life and well being of their community, affecting those around them in a positive manner.
  • To recognize the importance of qualities such as innovative thinking, effective enterprise, leadership and planning abilities.
To ensure the choice of awardee reflects the local interests and concerns of the area, clubs are encouraged to discuss and refine their own criteria within the general objective of the programme which is to recognize “Service above Self” in our young people.
These are kept to a minimum to maintain a standard which will preserve the integrity of the programme and ensure appropriate public recognition.
  1. Age of the awardee at the time of nomination must not be more than twenty years. (i.e. they must be under 21)
  2. Children of members of the awarding Rotary club are not eligible.
  3. Each club is entitled to make one award only per Rotary year (unless particular circumstances prevail in which case a club can apply for a special dispensation), the award being made to one person only (not shared).
  4. The ceremony of presentation of the award is to be made at a normal Rotary Club meeting or special meeting to which all club members are invited.
  5. Presentation of the award is to be made by a local dignitary or prominent person especially invited to perform this duty.
The Award:
A personally inscribed award certificate, in a suitable frame, signed by the President of the awarding Rotary Club and invited VIP, plus the award lapel pin will be presented to the awardee.  An additional copy of the certificate will be provided for inclusion in a CV.
A charge of $60 per award has been set to cover lapel pins, a frame, certificates and courier costs if necessary.
For further information and nomination forms, contact:
Ainie Kwok
Young Totara Award Chair
Tel:  0212203090