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Are you a person wanting to connect with others to make positive changes in your community and the world? Rotary joins together dedicated men and women who share a passion for community service and friendship.

If this sounds like you, please contact us - 0800 4 768 279
You are invited to attend an Interactive workshop with Andy Rajapakse, Zone 8’s mastermind of building clubs & membership.
In Andy’s Governor year (2020-2021) he increased the number of Rotarians in District 9640 (Gold Coast, Queensland) by over 400 though the creation of new-style Rotary club models that were relevant to the community.
In a 90-minute workshop Andy will help to broaden our thinking about what a Rotary club looks like and how to connect the club to the demographic of its community.
Membership growth, a focus for every club, come along to this presentation. Proven game changing techniques, networking and fellowship. Avoid regret, be there!
We are - people of action
The masks from Lanaco are proving to be incredibly popular with Rotary and there have been several projects as a prelude to the start of the Rotary One Million Masks campaign – Rotary Fiji, Auckland foodbanks and now the below:
On Friday 29 October 1600 Lanaco 'Brezy' masks, funded jointly between the Chenery Memorial Trust and the Rotary Club of Papakura, were delivered to the Papakura and Manurewa Marae in South Auckland for the protection of their front-line staff. Both operate testing, food banks and vaccinations from their Marae including running outreach vaccination programs that are vaccinating thousands. The Papakura Marae alone has vaccinated over 10,000 people as well as supplied thousands of Foodboxes and Community Meals and this is also happening at scale in the Manurewa Marae with Testing for Covid an added activity that needs to be supported.
The picture above(left to right) Peter Ross as chair of the Chennery Trust and of the District 9920 Youth and Development Committee,Tony Kake Chief Executive of the Papakura Marae and George Wilson Papakura Youth committee. Standing (left to right) Ariana Andrews RYPEN Leadership Committee and Hinei Joyce Papakura Marae Foodbank and Vaxination Center Manager all wearing these Rotary-branded masks.
A group of 10 runners is running the 12 volcanoes in Auckland on Sunday 24 October for rising the awareness of End Polio Now. It is on the World Polio Day and the runners will wear the EPN T-shirts when running. There is a support vehicle providing supplies along the way. Schedule with times is below
ARE YOU READY for World Polio Month OCTOBER?
You can continue to make a significant contribution towards the elimination of the dreadful disease of Polio ... easily:
EVERY member of EVERY Rotary Club can donate just $10 to Rotary’s Polio fund in honour of these two great leaders Bill Boyd in NZ  and Clem Renouf in Australia to mark World Polio Day in 2021/22.
If the large majority of the 33,000 Rotarians in Zone 8 (New Zealand/Australian Districts) contributed to this modest campaign, we have the ability to raise more than $250,000

Sokopeti – a Midwife from the isolated island of Ha’apai, 8 hrs by boat from the mainland of Tonga spoke of basic needs for mothers and their baby's and from this Rotary stepped up to provide packs that helped address these needs.  But the story is much bigger than that as described below ...
RYLA (Rotary Young-person Leadership Awards) 2021 finally took place after the previous year’s event had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. With two years for planning, we took the opportunity to introduce several changes to the program. The outcome was an amazingly successful RYLA with 115 participants and a vastly expanded number of volunteers helping.
You only need to read the headlines to see the frightening effects Covid19 is having on Fiji at present! With new positive cases and the death toll rising rapidly they desperately need our help to support the already strained health and community resources.
Rotary Clubs of 9920, please help us to help our Pacific neighbours fight against Covid19.
We’re looking to provide further funding assistance to the Rotary Clubs of Fiji so they can continue their incredible work on the ground. The goal is to raise over $40,000 to assist with the initiatives the Fiji Rotary Clubs have in place - under the management of DGN Vineeta Nand and PDG Malini Raghwan.
How can you help? We’re asking clubs to provide urgent support by donating $1000 towards the “Fiji fight against Covid19” fund.
If this is something your club can do, please process via the following:
  1. Deposit payment:
Bank account:  06-0193-0905286-030   (please ensure people enter -030 in the suffix field and NOT 03)
Code/Type: club name (short name - ignore "rotary club of")
Reference: COVID19
 2. Send an email to operations-manager@rotaryoceania.zone noting the deposit made and date (for easy reconciliation).  
Thank you in advance to all of you for your support.
On 2 June Suva Rotaract kickstarted their ongoing COVID Lockdown project with all safety protocols considered to help families struggling to have even basic food and necessities available.  
Due to ongoing restrictions, helping the community has been quite a task with Rotaractors put their heads together and coordinated groceries to be delivered to families within the Waila Isolation Zone.
The response from the community has been enormous and illustrated by this c=Comment from their Facebook page: We are very very thankful for your support to the people of Waila housing nausori n giving them food rations which they have food on they table I'm very pleased with your help and support I'm so blessed with your help and everyone in this organization a big vinaka God bless everyone n thnx so much...
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August 2022